Danielle Paradis
Danielle Paradis
May 12, 2014

9 Photos of Children Bravely Challenging the Definition of Binary Gender Expression

These kids are more courageous than some adults.
May 2, 2014

A Woman Got Back at the Sexist Creeps of Tinder With These Brilliant Images

Talk about turning the tables on sexism.
March 27, 2014

#RapeCultureIsWhen Is the Perfect Answer to Everyone Who Denies Rape

A pretty amazing thing happened on Twitter this week.
March 24, 2014

You Can #BanBossy, I'd Rather #BanBitch

This is the b-word we should be talking about.
March 17, 2014

In “The Year of the Bush,” This Woman’s Brazilian Is Guilt-Free

Shave it or save it — your nether regions should not infuence your feminist credentials.

Dec. 9, 2013

Katniss Everdeen is My Alter Ego

What's wrong with being difficult?
Nov. 29, 2013

I Don't Want My Marriage To Go Viral

And the feeling is contagious.
Nov. 22, 2013

Let's All Raise Our Selfie Awareness

Different faces, different races, different places.
Nov. 15, 2013

Lily Allen's New Video Doesn't Empower Me, Or Anyone Else

Oh look, faux-liberation. Again.
Nov. 11, 2013

Joss Whedon Redefines Feminism In the Same Way Feminists Have For Years

Everyone freaks out when a man says something, no matter how many times a woman says it first.

Nov. 5, 2013
Oct. 31, 2013

How to Know If Your Halloween Costume Makes You Look Like a Jerk

Are you dressed like Trayvon Martin?
Oct. 28, 2013

Will You Be My Internet Friend?

Being bipolar might have held me back before, but social media has helped me find new friendships.
Oct. 24, 2013

The Truth Behind What Causes Rape

Drinking? Lack of a buddy system? You've got one guess.
Oct. 23, 2013

Bisexuals: We're Here, We're Queer, We're Not Unicorns

'Once Upon a Time' features a real-life bisexual. Rejoice!

Oct. 15, 2013

You Don't Know Who Ada Lovelace is On Her Special Day?

You're not alone.
Oct. 11, 2013

'Sex Box': Real Sex is Still Hidden

Television's newest show features more than just a dick in a box.
Oct. 8, 2013

Don't Ignore That Chris Brown Was Raped Just Because You Hate Him

Chris Brown may be epically misogynous, but that doesn't make his recent revelation any less disturbing.
Oct. 4, 2013

Sinéad O'Connor Might Want to Help Miley, But She's Dangerously Out of Touch

You know what's disrespectful? Assuming young women have no sexual agency.