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Mike & Morley

Here's Why Network TV Ratings Are Tanking With Millennials

Traditional TV networks have lost their way in trying to appeal to America’s largest and most diverse generation.

Young Players Are the Silver Lining in Baseball's Steroid Cloud

Before millennials are through flipping baseball’s culture, the national pastime is likely to experience its second golden age, similar to the one the GI Generation brought to it 80 years ago.

Congress Has Failed You — And They'll Pay Dearly For It

From abortion to immigration reform, Congress has failed to address the interests of the millennial generation. The last time this happened in U.S. history, the youngest generation won out.

'The Great Gatsby' Soundtrack: Jay-Z, Will.I.Am Belong On It

Many are criticizing the "Great Gatsby" score for having rap music from Jay-Z and will.i.am, but the songs are appropriate and right on key.

Oscars Ratings 2013: Awards Finally Appeal to the Only Demographic That Matters

This year's Academy Awards were the first effective step the Oscars have taken in overcoming their generational challenge and attracting the audience that really counts: the millennials.