Nathan Nye
Nathan Nye

North Carolina Abortion Bill Accidently Gives Birth to #motorcylevagina

Without informing the public, the GOP attached abortion restrictions to a bill. That bill? Motorcyle Safety, inspiring Twitter users to start the #motorcyclevagina joke hashtag.

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'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Recap: 5 Badass Moments From Catelyn Stark in "Game Of Thrones"

*SPOILERS* Let's all be honest here- we know who the true badass is in the Stark family.

Michele Bachmann Relection: Will She Be Remembered As GOP Everywoman?

While processing Bachmann's retirement, it's important to remember that she was a four-term Congresswoman who was an unabashed voice for women in a male-dominant movement.

5 Women Who Should Host the White House Correspondents' Dinner

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