Daniela Ramirez
Daniela Ramirez

The Most Stupid Halloween Advice for Men, Ever

Now this is scary.

Why I Stopped Saying 'Slut'

Despite being a feminist, I have so internalized the word that I still have to work to not let it affect me. And I'm not the only one.

'Parenthood' Season 5: 10 Reasons I Want to Be a Braverman

If you aren’t already watching NBC's 'Parenthood,' you should be.

'The Mindy Project' and the Trouble With 'Gray Area Rape'

The furor over gray-area rape on the show bring up some very important, very uncomfortable questions. What's a feminist to do?

'The Mindy Project' Season 2 Episode 1 Recap: All the Reasons We Love Mindy

Looking for a fun feminist TV obsession? Nailed it.

What It's Like to Be a White Woman of Color

No matter what you decide you are, others will disagree.

6 Dating Tips For Every Feminist

Here's some advice that can help single feminists stick to their ideals, while navigating a world of first dates and terrible pop-culture advice.

These Real-Life Disney Princesses Will Disturb You

Ever wondered what happened to your favorite Disney leading lady? Apparently, she didn't end up as happy as you think, and if you aren't careful, neither will you.

Need a Care Package For Your Period? Do It, and Don't Feel Guilty

Think a monthly period package subscription would be totally amazing? Don't worry — your desire for convenience is in no way contributing to the shame you do or don't feel about your period.

This Woman Was Fired For Being Too Attractive

And the all-male Iowa Supreme Court is totally OK with it.

8 Songs For Everyone Who Cares About Equal Rights

Feeling a little down in the dumps from your struggles as an activist? Let these tunes lift your spirits!

Why Amy Schumer is a Total Feminist

If she manages to get a single dudebro to question everyday sexism or a whole gaggle of them to notice it, then perhaps it will work to our benefit to have her on our side.

Feminist Summer Camp? Yes, Please!

Feeling a little isolated in your activism? Want to learn more about feminism in practice and meet more awesome fellow feminists? Sign up for Soapbox's Feminist Camp!

'Devious Maids' TV Show: Premiere Predictably Offends Latinas Everywhere

The first show led by an all Latina cast, and they all play sexy house maids? Thanks, Eva!

4 Ways You Can Survive Living With Your Parents

Unemployed and living at home? Me too. Sometimes its really sucks but here are some tips on how to stay sane.

8 Ways I Discovered My Dad Was a Feminist

Feeling the love for your dad this Father's Day? He's probably a feminist in his own way too.

'Princesses Long Island' Review: A Reminder Bravo is Kind Of Bad For Women

Obsessed with Bravo? Me too. But maybe our little guilty pleasure is hurting us more than we think.

10 Things Women Are Afraid Of (But Shouldn't Be)

"Lean In" writer Sheryl Sandberg asks "what would you do if you weren't afraid?" Here are some responses to that question.

Second Wives Club: Why First and Second Wives Are At War

Thought alimony was a battle of the sexes? Think again. Find out how alimony reform is pinning women against each other for all the wrong reasons.