Andrea Ordonez
Andrea Ordonez

CMA 2012 Blake Shelton Entertainer of the Year: Country Sounds a Lot More Pop

Thursday night's CMA Awards put all the modern country together for one night; Miranda Lambert, Brad Paisley, Taylor Swift. But the evening's big takeaway was that the sounds of country are new.


Second Presidential Debate Tonight: One Student Reports Live from Hofstra University

The second presidential debate takes place tonight at Hofstra University. One student reports from behind-the-scenes at the college in Long Island, NY.

Who Won the Presidential Debate: Biden Ryan Debate Sounds Like a Tie on the Radio

Based on straightforward radio broadcast, no evident winner in vice presidential debate.

Women Shine at the Olympics, But Still Not As Brightly As Kobe Bryant and Usain Bolt

Ladies dominated at the Olympics this year, but men still got more attention.

London Olympics 2012: Meet the 14 Youngest Athletes Representing the USA

This year millennials are a key players on the U.S Olympic team. Meet the youngest Americans competing for the USA in London.

Pacquiao vs. Bradley Results: Manny Pacquiao Falls Victim of American Exceptionalism

Filipino-Americans see the unfairness of the system as Manny Pacquiao falls in a fight against odds not in his control.


Romney Woos Millennial Voters With Karl Rove Super PAC Crossroads Generation

Republican Mitt Romney is trying to chip away at Obama's young support with Crossroads Generation a Karl Rove-inspired Super PAC. Will it work?

Bryce Harper is MLB's Youngest Player, But Does Age Matter?

At 19, Bryce Harper is the youngest player in major league baseball. After last night's game, when Harper took a pitch to the back and stole home, fans are wondering if he's the next big thing.

Mariano Rivera Won't Retire From NY Yankees, And That's Why He's a Hall of Famer

The media speculation over whether Mariano Rivera would retire from baseball does a disservice to his Hall of Fame legacy.

CISPA Threatens Our Online Freedom: Heads to Senate Despite Obama Veto Threat

CISPA made it through the House, but will it survive in the Senate?

NFL Draft 2012: Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III Win Big, But Where Are the Latinos?

Whites and blacks have equal representation in the NFL, but what about Latinos and Asians?


Secret Service Scandal: More Female Agents, Less Scandal?

Roughly 90 percent of Secret Service agents are male. But will the recent prostitution scandal change that?

Obama Losing Millennials to Republicans That Support Gay Rights

Issues like the economy have millennials and the LGBT community looking to Republicans for change.

NCAA National Championship between Kentucky and Kansas helps revive New Orleans

Superdome sporting events brings hope and profit to New Orleans businesses.

Game Change Authors Predict Mitt Romney Will Select Sen. Rob Portman as Vice President Nominee

Game Change authors John Heilemann and Mark Halperin predict Mitt Romney will play it safe when he picks vice president running mate, by choosing Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, not Gov. Chris Christie.

Journalists Woodward and Bernstein to Millennials: There is Still Need For Traditional Reporting

The famed journalists say that social media today would not have been able to do what they did in the Watergate scandal.

Hoyas vs. Syracuse, Duke vs. UNC, and the Best NCAA College Sports Rivalries

It's March Madness, NCAA tournament time. Here's a primer on the top five rivalries in college sports.

Meghan McCain in Playboy Reveals Racy, But Real, Views On Politics

Meghan McCain is not out of line, even when talking politics to Playboy.

Women's NCAA Tournament 2012: Same Great Stats, Less Madness Hype

The only reason ladies go unrecognized in March Madness is because they aren't as flashy when they play like men, even when they put up the same stats.

Daylight Savings Time Change Should Be Eliminated

Daylight savings does more harm than good.