Caleb Peng
Caleb Peng

'Game Of Thrones' Season 3 Finale: 9 Ways It Broke the Mold For Fantasy Characters

Despite the misogynistic fantasy world of "GoT," there are plenty of powerful women in the show that break gender norms and expectations, which is a refreshing change.


Immmigration Reform 2013: It's About More Than Immigration

Recent debates over immigration reform have introduced the topics of guns and gay rights for immigrants, making this legislation complex. Is this due to our hyper-partisan culture?

Our Own Standard For Ideal Beauty Eliminates Us All

A survey found that our ideal woman and man is composed of various features from different people. Why can't we just appreciate who we are?

Heath Campbell: Nazi Father Fighting to See His Son

Heath Campbell is battling for the legal right to see his youngest son after losing custody of him. Campbell claims the court is discriminating against him because of his pro-Nazi views.

Megyn Kelly: Fox News Anchor Battles Fox News Pundits Over Sexist Comments

Fox News anchor, Megyn Kelly, refutes Erick Erickson's "scientific" claims that men should be breadwinners and women should be caretakers in order for society to function properly.

Would You Strip For a Full-Time Job? These Women Had To

Male supervisors in NYC's Parks Department forced employees to strip and dance at holiday parties. If the women didn't comply they lost their job.

"Get Britain Fertile" Campaign: Promotes Terrible Misogynistic Message

Britain's new campaign insists that women get pregnant earlier, featuring an old pregnant woman to shock the audience.

Pregnant Boys PSA: Will It Lower Teen Pregnancy Rates?

Chicago has recently launched a PSA with photos of pregnant boys with the goal of lowering its high teen pregnancy rates. Will it work?

USC Rape: Sexual Assault On Campus Isn't Just a Crime — It's a Culture

Colleges and universities are facing media attention after rape cases have surfaced in high numbers. However, these cases only reflect a much larger societal issue that needs to be addressed.

Sergio Garcia "Fried Chicken" Comment: Intentional Or Not, Joke About Tiger Woods Is Offensive

Sergio Garcia stated that he would serve fried chicken to Tiger Woods for dinner. The historical origins of blacks and the "fried chicken" stereotype make his comment racially offensive.

Weiner Mayor: Why Does Anthony Weiner's NYC Mayor Website Have Photos Of Pittsburgh On It?

Anthony Weiner's campaign site recently uploaded an image of Pittsburgh for its banner. But Weiner is running for mayor of New York City ...

John Andrew Welden: How Should Laws Treat People Who Trick Others Into Getting Abortions?

John Welden tricks his girlfriend into having an abortion. He is now charged with first-degree murder for killing an unborn fetus. Why is the fetus now considered a human life?

Jose Canseco Rape: Shockingly, He Tweets Out Victim’s Information to Followers

Jose Canseco was recently charged with rape. He later proceeded to tweet about it and the victim's personal information, including her name, phone number, and picture.

Guess Which World Leader Threw Parties With a Stripper Dressed As a Nun (And Another As Obama)?

Karima El-Mahroug, a dancer, has revealed detailed descriptions of former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's parties. And boy, are they salacious!

Carla Hale: Bishop Watterson Catholic High Teacher Fired For Being Gay

Carla Hale was fired for being gay and violating religious teachings of the school at which she worked. Read more about it and decide for yourself if she should or should have been canned.

Help Find This Child Rapist

Recent information about a child porn producer can aid investigators in tracking him down. But we also need your help.

Was Adolf Hitler Gay? Maybe, Says New Evidence, But Does It Matter?

Recently released interviews with Adolf Hitler's physicians show signs of that Hitler may have been gay. What are the implications of such findings?

Mark Welsh: Air Force Commander Says "Hookup Culture" Influences Military Sexual Assault

Air Force commander Gen. Mark A. Welsh III recently said the “hookup mentality” explains high rates of sexual assault in the military, and this is an insane correlation.