Amy McCarthy
Amy McCarthy

5 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be the Worst. President. Ever.

Rick Perry, known locally as Texas' Gov. Goodhair, is said to be considering a second run at the White House. Find out why he should stay away from your uterus, your education, and your ballot.

Stop Telling Liberals and Women to Leave Red States

I don’t want to leave my home, and I shouldn't have to. Texas is a great place, and I’m not going to let a couple hundred right-wing men in Austin make me leave.

Abortion Rights 2013: To Honor George Tiller's Legacy, Give to An Abortion Fund

On the fourth anniversary of the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita abortion provider, consider how giving to an abortion fund continues his legacy of reproductive justice. "Skinny Minny" Dating: The Dating Event For Literally Only Skinny People

A speed dating site offered a "Skinny Minny" event for women under size 8. Curiously, there were no similar requirements for men.

Mansplaining 101: How to Discuss Politics and Feminism Without Acting Like a Jackass

Every woman on Planet Earth has dealt with mansplaining - when dudes explain something to you without knowing how much you know - and every man has mansplained. Find out how to avoid it.

As Marriage Equality Marches Forward, Don't Forget the Trans People Left Behind

As the anticipation for the Supreme Court's ruling on California's Proposition 8 builds, it's important to remember those that the marriage equality movement has excluded: trans people.

Danny Brown: Unsolicited Oral Sex On Rapper Was Rape

Hip-hop artist Danny Brown recently experienced an onstage assault that sent the rap world into a Twitter frenzy. What happened to him was rape because he didn't ask for it or give consent.