Sifat Azad
Sifat Azad

What If You Could Vote on Who Wins a Trial: eQuibbly Now Crowdsources Disputes

Though a new website using outside votes to come to a resolution may seem irrational, this is, in fact, a method many of us already use and one that has proven to effectively solve problems.


7 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Graduated

Seven recent college grads give the advice they wish someone had given them before they entered the real world.

Bollywood Meets Hollywood: Amitabh Bachchan Goes All-American in 'The Great Gatsby'

India's most famous actor, Amitabh Bachchan, will bring both the international audience and his own take on an American mobster in the new film adaptation of 'The Great Gatsby'.

10 Things Every New Grad Should Know Before Entering the Real World

Here are the 10 things every college student should be aware of after graduating and before entering the real world.

George Zimmerman Medical Reports Don't Make Him Innocent in Trayvon Martin Death

George Zimmerman's new medical report adds details to the case, but is still inconclusive, as there are still critical parts of the story that are missing.

Terrorist Toddler JetBlue Incident Shows What's Wrong With TSA

The Transportation Security Administration needs new security measures that don’t racially profile American individuals.

'Girls' on HBO: Finally a Realistic Show for Women About Sex, STDs, and Body Image

The sex scenes of HBO's Girls resonate with millennial women and give them a more realistic view of sex and its often negative consequences.

George Zimmerman Should Be Charged For Trayvon Martin's Murder By Sanford Police Department

George Zimmerman's new "Shaken Baby Syndrome" defense and flawed story of self-defense is enough reason to prosecute him.

Hillary Clinton For President in 2016 Underlined in New Viral Meme

If Hillary is going viral now, she will unquestionably go viral over the next four years, just in time to run for the 2016 presidential election.

Ryan Seacrest NBC Job Strengthens His Role As a Powerful Media Figure

Ryan Seacrest's success should inspire millennials.

Top 5 Reasons to Arrest George Zimmerman

For these simple five reason, George Zimmerman is guilty of manslaughter and he should be arrested and put on trial by Florida police.

Robert Zimmerman interview on Trayvon Martin case is disgusting and confirms why son George Zimmerman should be arrested

Robert Zimmerman’s selfish and uncompassionate responses in his interview verify the negative image of George Zimmerman and confirm the grounds to arrest him.

George Zimmerman Race: White, Latino, or Jewish? In The Trayvon Martin Case, It Shouldn't Matter

Anyone is susceptible to being racist regardless of their race.

Illinois Republican Primary: Stakes Are High for Mitt Romney to Beat Rick Santorum

Mitt Romney must fight harder to win against lead competitor, Rick Santorum, in order to secure his place as GOP frontrunner.

Live: Missouri Republican Caucus, Ron Paul Winning, Fighting For VP Spot?

Since Paul and Gingrich don't appear to be contending factors in these GOP primaries, the Missouri caucus is between Romney and Santorum.

Puerto Rico Primary: Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum Offend, While Attempting to Win Voters

Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney have adopted a harsh line as they attempt to appeal to Hispanic voters for tomorrow’s primary in Puerto Rico.

Top 5 Moments From Barack Obama's State Dinners

British Prime Minister David Cameron, the Salahis, the White House garden, and much more.

Stereotypes of Women's Work Ethic: The Real Reason There Aren't More Women in Positions of Power

The negative stereotypes about women's work ethic keep them from advancing in their careers. Society does not encourage women to become leaders in the workforce.

Rush Limbaugh Birth Control Controversy Begs Question: Does the Media Only Inflame By Reporting on Such Distasteful Remarks?

As a journalist, it’s a tough call choosing to write about sexist media figures like Rush Limbaugh, because I don’t want to draw attention to people like him.

Rush Limbaugh, Don Imus, and the Top 5 Most Offensive Media Personalities Against Women

Controversial quotes by people in the media emphasize why women must continue breaking barriers and making their mark in spite of the negativity that is likely to strike against them.