Amy Zhang
Amy Zhang Won't Win the Attention it Needs to Succeed as a Occupy Wall Street Platform

Though is a relatively new site that launched this week, its blights are obstructing it's development.


Ivy League Colleges Post Record-low Admission Rates

This year's record-low college rates are putting enormous pressure on high school students to think only about getting into college from an early age.

Winning Lottery Numbers For Mega Millions Jackpot: Why it won't be you

Breaking down the odds for the record-breaking Mega Millions jackpot.

Step Aside Jean Dujardin, Oscars Best Actor Award Goes to Mitt Romney

While the awards for Best Actor are already set in stone at this year's Oscars, Mitt Romney deserves mention for Best Visual Effects, Best Original Song, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Actor.

Linsanity: Asian American Role Model Jeremy Lin Should Be Cautious At the Top

As Asian-Americans, we're new to the role model stars. But while the "Linsanity" hype is intoxicating, we have to be careful.

Forget Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Join Feminists and Occupy Valentine's Day

Occupy V-day shuns the love industrial complex: the superficial piles of chocolates, flowers, and dinners; the heteronormative codes of conduct; the orchestrated gifting.


At CPAC, Mitt Romney Speech Fails to Dazzle

Though laced with rhetoric promising constituents he is of their people, Romney's speech failed to regain support he has lost.

In Florida Primary, A $15.3 Million Ad Push Helps Mitt Romney Surge Over Newt Gingrich

Why is Mitt Romney surging in Florida? His $15.3 million advertisement blitz puts Newt Gingrich and his own $3.3 million-worth of ads to shame.

Touting Unrealistic Space Plans, a Grandiose Newt Gingrich Gets Hammered By Mitt Romney

Gingrich's ridiculous ideas might amass votes initially, but continued empty promises will cost Gingrich the nomination.