Brian Principato
Brian Principato

5 Photos That Show Europe's Neo-Nazi Problem is Alive and Well

From east to west, and north to south, Europe has issues with a turbulent trend of rising neo-Nazi activism.


Why Did Saudi Arabia Reject a Security Council Seat? It's All About the Message

Saudi Arabia's move to reject a UN Security Council seat is grounded in recent geopolitical history and a growing distrust in America.

Success of Iran Nuclear Talks Depends on Ayatollah Khamenei, Not the Negotiators

As a fresh-faced Iran sits down to talk with Western counterparts about the future of its nuclear program, it is important to keep in mind who ultimately makes decisions about its trajectory.

'Wadjda' is A Unique Film That Unveils Everyday Life in Saudi Arabia

A Saudi Arabian film written by the country's first female movie director and making its way through the American cinema scene is brave, honest, emotional, heart-warming, and human.

Kenya and Nigeria Attacks are Tragic, But They Expose What We Need To Learn About Terrorism

Acts of terror like the mall attack in Kenya are often unique in cause, but not in scope of tragedy. Understanding why violence is used can help counter their impact, and diminish reoccurrence.

Celebrate Oktoberfest Without Looking Like an American Idiot

Here's a brief news primer for American travellers boarding the plane to Germany for the world's most famous beer festival.


Starbucks Howard Shultz Open Letter: Calm Down, Gun Owners — It's Not a Ban

Moved by recent events, one of America's top executives makes a small request that could go a long way in decreasing gun-related casualties.

Miss America 2014: Go Home Bigots, You’re Drunk

While many viewers celebrated with her, the newly-crowned Miss America's Indian heritage drew racist commentary from the far reaches of the internet in a digital display of antiquated bigotry.

German Elections 2013: Inside Germany’s Potential “Tea Party” Moment

A budding political movement in Germany focused on dissolving the Eurozone could throw a wrench in Angela Merkel's re-election bid.

How Germans and Americans Differ On the Surveillance State

America's data-sharing relationship with Germany screeched to a halt after Snowden unveiled NSA surveillance programs active within the country. Here's why Germans are taking things so seriously.

Egypt Ambassador's Parting Letter Shows You Don't Mess With 'Murica

In a scathing letter to the editor, U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson accuses Egypt's Al Ahram newspaper of "outrageous, fictitious, & thoroughly unprofessional" journalism ahead of her Friday exit


Al-Qaeda Joins the Jihadist Movement on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Extremist groups around the world are increasingly depending on digitally-savvy members to broadcast their messages around the internet and recruit the next generation of terrorists.

New York City Top Cop Ray Kelly Isn't the Right Choice for DHS Chief

New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly has been a champion of security and counterterrorism, especially since 9/11. But is he the best candidate for Secretary of Homeland Security?

Could Al Jazeera America Be the Next CNN?

A new cable network that promises to deliver news with a global perspective to its U.S. viewers launches next month, amid uncertainty about its intention to report objective and original content.

8 Things to Remember for Non-Muslims Living in a Muslim Country During the Holy Month

A month of fasting, prayer, and charity has begun for a large portion of the world's population. Here are some simple tips on how to follow the rules for non-Muslims living in Muslim countries.

Bitcoin Price: A Simple Explanation Of the Winklevoss Twins' New Business Scheme

The former Olympians, famous for taking Mark Zuckerberg to court, embark on a risky mission to both restore the Winklevoss name and spearhead a digital financial movement. Will it pay off?

'The Bachelorette' Recap: Mikey Tenerelli Kicked Off Too Soon

A deep-veed bro was prematurely sent home this week. Here are some reasons why he should still be jet-setting with Des and her gaggle of mancandy.

Boko Haram: A Look Inside the Group Trying to Topple Nigeria's Government by Terrorizing Its Citizens

Boko Haram, a bloodthirsty Nigerian insurgency bent on dethroning its government, turns its sights to attacking people of all ages and government affiliations to get its Islamist message across.

New Emir Of Qatar: A Gulf State Gets a Millennial Sheikh-Up

Qatar's enterprising baby-boomer Emir yields the throne to his 33 year old son in a game-changing transfer of power in a region defined by stark political traditions.

America's New Trade Representative Has An Opportunity to Make Trade Sexy (Again?)

America's newly confirmed Trade Representative seems to have all the right stuff to change how the United States does business with the world.