Aicha Marhfour
Aicha Marhfour

Australia: New Asylum-Seeker Policy Makes U.S. Approach to Immigration Look Merciful

Sending asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea is a draconian approach that may provide inspiration to conservatives worldwide.

Feminist Taylor Swift: The Hero Our Generation Needs

Taylor Swift is the voice of our generation — as long as there's a bit of feminist-friendly editing to drive the point home.

'Mad Men' Season 6: Will Megan Draper Die As Conspiracy Theorists Believe?

Conspiracy theories say this season, which has two episodes left, will end with Megan Draper meeting her demise the same way Sharon Tate did. Are they onto something?

Military Sexual Assault: If It's a "Cancer," Then Why Do Generals Refuse to Take Chemo?

U.S. military commanders speak out against sexual assault, but continued twiddling their thumbs at Senate hearing.

Amanda Bynes Twitter: Is Actress Insane Or Just a Little Unwell?

Amanda Bynes' recent bizarre behavior is grist to the tabloid mill but also deeply disturbing.

San Francisco Rape Kits: Thousands Go Untested By Police Across the Country, and Crimes Go Unsolved

Thousands of untested rape kits are laying around police evidence rooms across America. How many serial rapists go uncaught each year due to police negligence?