Heather Hartlaub
Heather Hartlaub

This is What the Secret Service Has to Say About Aaron Scwartz

The Secret Service has released 104 pages of Aaron Swartz's file following a court order. The report reveals an over-the-top investigation into the life of an activist driven by archaic laws.


Israel's Settlement Expansions Show It's Not Interested in Peace

Despite the resumption of negotiations between Israel and Palestine, Israel's Civil Administration has given preliminary approval of the construction of 1,100 new settlement homes.

90% Of Women Feel Relieved After Abortion, 0% Feel Relieved By Erick Erickson

A new UCSF study finds that women feel more relieved after receiving an abortion. But Erick Erickson still thinks it's funny to joke about black market and self-administered abortions.

Could the Pardon of a Serial Pedophile Lead to the Second Arab Spring in Morocco?

Moroccan King Mohamed VI pardoned a Spanish man convicted of raping and filming 11 children aged 4 to 15. The Moroccan people are outraged, and momentum is rapidly growing for a protest Friday...

Moscow Mayor's Candidate Wants to Give Ladies Off That Time Of the Month

This Russian deputy genuinely believes that "the pain for the fair sex is so intense that they are forced to call an ambulance" and that menstruating women pose "a societal problem."

Marijuana Legalization: The Bizarre Thing That Happens When State and Federal Laws Clash

Washington state legalized pot, but marijuana is still illegal under federal law. When the DEA decides to raid small businesses, which law counts?


Could This Woman Keep the NSA from Tapping Your Phone Calls?

A coalition of 19 organizations have banded together to sue the NSA for infringing on the First and Fourth amendments. Will it win? Probably not. Is it important? Hell yes.

Liz Cheney For Senate Will Deal Another Blow to Fractured GOP

Liz Cheney, the eldest daughter of former V.P. Dick Cheney, is running for the Wyoming seat in US Senate. Her opponent? A very popular three-term Republican Senator.

Guantanamo Bay: Most Invasive Search Method Yet is Ruled Illegal

A federal judge ordered the halt of a new security procedure in which guards grope prisoners' genitals in order to discourage them from meeting with their lawyers.

Tom Corbett: Running For Worst Governor in America

Apparently Corbett dislikes free federal money that would provide health care for 700,000 Pennsylvanians. Oh, and sidewalk chalk, too.

James Clapper: His "Least Most Untruthful" Answers On NSA Spying Are Still Lying

James Clapper lied to Congress last March when he said that the NSA was not collecting any data on Americans. He justified it with a metaphor about the Dewey Decimal System.


Where Is Edward Snowden: Ecuador Stands Up to America — and Tells Us to Start Respecting Human Rights

The U.S. threatened to take away Ecuador's trade privileges, so Ecuador called the U.S.'s bluff. They even sent us some money to spend on human-rights training programs.

Edward Snowden in Moscow: A "Tasty Morsel" For Putin?

For now, Edward Snowden is camped out at a Moscow airport. The question is, will Russia keep the peace and extradite or hang onto its newest source to mine?

Nigella Lawson: Has Society Accepted Domestic Violence?

Go ahead and choke your wife in public. Really, no one will do anything about it.

Takim Square Protests: Does Erdogan Really Think a Dummy Committee Can Convince Protesters to Give in?

It's a tale as old as time: good leader becomes corrupt, people protest, leader refuses to change, protests continue, leader meets with actress and architects to pretend he wants to fix problems.

State Department Cover-Ups: Just How Corrupt Has the State Department Become?

First Benghazi, now obstruction of internal investigations: just how many scandals does the state department think it can keep contained?

Taksim Square Protests: Actually, Twitter is Really Really Important This Time Around

Iran's Green Revolution may not have needed Twitter, but Turkey's Taksim Square Protests do.

Taksim Protests: Is Erdogan a Dicator On the Defense?

Is Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan a beleaguered civil servant or a dictator? Heavy-handed repression of massive protests suggest the latter.

Saeed Jalili: Iran's Top Presidential Contender Might Be Worse Than Ahmadinejad

Iran's chief nuclear negotiator is the front-runner in the presidential election — and could spell doom to Iran's relationship with America.

Tim Murray: Tim Murray's Resignation Is a Blessing For Massachusetts

After a string of scandals, Tim Murray is resigning from public office to accept a private job where he'll take a 50% pay raise.