Richard Lorenc
Richard Lorenc
May 21, 2013

Gay Marriage 2013: Should Libertarians Support Marriage Equality?

After becoming legal in Rhode Island, Delaware, and Minnesota already this year, the advance of gay marriage appears unstoppable. Libertarians, however, are divided for reasons that may surprise.

Oct. 23, 2012

Who Won the Third Party Presidential Debate: Gary Johnson and libertarianism

Live-blog of the presidential debate on Oct. 23 between the Libertarian Party's Gary Johnson, Green Party's Jill Stein, Justice Party's Rocky Anderson and Constitution Party's Virgil Goode.
Oct. 5, 2012

Unemployment Rate Drops: BLS Numbers Are Imprecise and Do Not Reflect Real Picture

Measuring big things and big ideas is difficult. The government tries to get a feel for national unemployment, but every attempt is imprecise and reveals government's basic lack of knowledge.
Sept. 26, 2012

10 Libertarian Questions for Progressive Millennials on How We Can Work Together

In order for millennials to make any kind of progress, we will need to examine our answers to fundamental questions about the role of government in our lives.
Sept. 11, 2012

Chicago Teachers Union Strike: You Might As Well Investigate the CTU For Antitrust

Imagine you lived in a city where a single entity operated 86 percent of the schools, a prime example of monopolistic behavior. Welcome to Chicago.
Aug. 11, 2012

Ron Paul Supporters See Libertarian Opportunity in Paul Ryan as VP

On federal spending, libertarians can do business with Paul Ryan.

July 12, 2012

Ron Paul and Millennials Agree On Key Libertarian Issues

Libertarianism is here, it’s not going away, and it will be Millennials who bring its noble ideas into a new political mainstream.
June 30, 2012

John Roberts Obamacare Decision: A Libertarian Defense of the Chief Justice

“Conservative” doesn’t mean conservatives always get what they want. In fact, it means they often don’t. That makes Chief Justice John Roberts the most conservative judge on the Supreme Court.
June 27, 2012

Supreme Court Health Care Decision: Obamacare Ruling No Reason to Freak Out

Millennials have a lot riding on tomorrow's Supreme Court decision on Obamacare. But it's never been anything we could control, so we shouldn't let it anger us.
June 11, 2012

10 Big Misconceptions About Libertarianism

Last weekend, my libertarian group manned a table at an outdoor civic event in Chicago. Most people were interested, but a handful shared some basic misunderstandings about the philosophy.
June 5, 2012

Obesity is Caused by Government Intervention, Not Big Gulps

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is outlawing the Big Gulp to curb rising levels of obesity in his city. But government intervention in food is actually a prime cause of unhealthy eating.

May 18, 2012

NATO Summit Chicago 2012: Police Presence Heavy, But No Protesters to Be Found

100 state police officers cordoned off the downtown courthouse, and they soon moved across the street to surround City Hall. Only problem? There were no protesters in either place.
May 9, 2012

NC Amendment One Results Shows Conservatives Still Love Big Government

Conservatives historically sought to protect institutions from radical change through government action. Today, however, they use the force of government actively to achieve their private aims.
April 21, 2012

Equal Pay Hurts Working Women

On Tuesday, many activists celebrated legislation that requires women to be paid the same as men for particular jobs. But this legislation actually harms women's working and earning prospects.
April 5, 2012

Government-Centric Health Care is Inefficient and Unresponsive to Patients' Needs

The only way forward is to leave the answers to the decisions of health care consumers and producers (informed by prices) in a free health care market.
March 31, 2012

Obamacare is Bad Public Policy, Only Free Market Health Care Solutions Will Work

Here are five reasons why Obamacare is bad public policy that makes problems with health care availability, cost, and accessibility worse.

March 14, 2012

Chicago Woman Takes On The IRS

A Chicago entrepreneur filed suit today in federal court to challenge a new, illegal IRS rule that would require her to spend time and money for a license to prepare other people's taxes.
March 3, 2012

A 'Civil Right to Unionize' is Bad Public Policy

An op-ed in Wednesday's New York Times argues for amending to the Civil Rights Act to include the "right to unionize." But this is another attempt for a special interest group to get a leg up.
Feb. 29, 2012

Obama Administration’s Owl Plan Illustrates the Folly of Progressivism

The AP reported on Tuesday that the Interior Department is developing a plan to shoot or remove barred owls to increase the population of the northern spotted owl.
Feb. 15, 2012

Today's Democrats Are Not Real Liberals

These days, a 'liberal' is usually considered to be someone who is pro-choice, anti-war, and in favor of gun control. But can these policy preferences really be called liberal?