Stephen Roper
Stephen Roper

'Breaking Bad' Finale: We Are All Walter White

Walter White's descent isn't just one man's tragedy. It's everyone's.

Johnny Manziel's Autograph Isn't the Problem — College Sports Are

It's a problem the NCAA, and we, have long ignored, and as the business of college sports continues to get bigger it's something that needs to be addressed.

The Case of Kolton Houston Shows Everything That's Wrong With the NCAA

University of Georgia's Kolton Houston sat out for years because of an honest mistake, but Texas A&M Johnny Manziel was given a half game suspension, raising questions about NCAA enforcement.

How to Solve Sports' Steroids Problem in One Easy Step

Because we're tired of acting surprised that another star athlete doped, and pretending it won't happen again.

4 Ways the Internet Revolutionized How We Learn About Music

We often assume the internet and music industry's relationship is contentious or hostile thanks to Napster and BitTorrent. Not the case, though, when we talk about learning about music.

When White Film Characters Go to East Asia, This Happens

Too often, white film characters are portrayed as fantasy tourists or a society's salvation. But that's not the case when the setting is East Asia.

Let's Make Movies Like It's 1999 Again

From 'Fight Club' to 'The Iron Giant', 1999 saw Hollywood finding a balance between quality, quantity, and versatility in its releases. 2013, and beyond, could learn a few things.

The One Thing We Learned From Jay-Z and Kanye's New Albums

Where Jay-Z shows creativity in finding new ways to release his music, Kanye shows creativity in his music, and neither endeavor is “more important” to rap.

White House Down Review: What Happens When You Pack An Action Movie With Too Much Action

As Hollywood's action movies up the stakes to extreme, practically nonsensical levels, something becomes lost in translation: entertainment.

Superhero Storylines Stopped Working a Long Time Ago

Hollywood keeps going back to the superhero well for reboots, and every time they do, we get an origin story we've heard a million times before.

Xbox One Release and 4 Things We Can Expect For the Future Of Gaming

With E3 officially finished, it’s time to think about what we can expect in the next year of videogaming.

Sacramento Kings Moving: Team Owners and the NBA Will Keep Holding Cities Hostage to Get Their Way

With the struggle to keep the Kings in Sacramento over, what have we learned about the battle's participants?

Game Of Thrones Books: Is George R.R. Martin His Own Series' Biggest Threat

With Season 3 of A Game of Thrones ending soon, it's a little disconcerting that the books on which the series is based on are losing ground. Can author George R. R. Martin finish in time?