Zaid A. Zaid
Zaid A. Zaid
Oct. 4, 2012

Presidential Debate 2012 Coverage: Debate Recap

Follow along as Mitt Romney attempts to change the trajectory of the campaign.

April 28, 2012

Does Bill Clinton on the Campaign Trail Help or Hurt President Obama?

Utilizing Clinton for the 2012 campaign is smart politics, and the Obama campaign knows it.
March 9, 2012

Top 10 Most Important Senate Races in 2012

A year ago, Republicans thought that they had a chance to retake the Senate. Today, that looks less likely.
March 1, 2012

Graduate School is Worth the Investment

Reducing a public policy degree’s return on investment to “dollars in” and “dollars out” cheapens the degree and the reason most people go into the field.
Feb. 18, 2012

From Brookings Institution to AEI: Exploring Washington’s Top Public Policy Think Tanks

Ever wonder where all of the political appointees go after they leave an administration? Many of them end up at one of Washington’s numerous public policy think tanks.
Feb. 17, 2012

Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand: Potential Democratic Candidates For President in 2016

It’s not too early to start thinking about 2016. Here are the big names for that election, on the Democratic side.

Feb. 16, 2012

Muslim Brotherhood Warns U.S. that Aid Cut May Affect Treaty with Israel

The Muslim Brotherhood has threatened to sever Egypt's peace treaty with Israel if the U.S. cuts off foreign aid to Egypt. If this is not resolved, post-Mubarak Egyptian democracy could collapse.
Feb. 15, 2012

Would John McCain Win If He Ran Against President Barack Obama in the 2012 Election?

Though a race between McCain and Obama in 2012 would possibly be closer than in 2008, McCain would ultimately lose again.
Feb. 7, 2012

Catholic Universities Like Georgetown Should Provide Students Free Access to Birth Control

Catholic college and universities would be doing a disservice to their students by failing to provide contraception in their health care plans to students.
Feb. 2, 2012

Congress Should Vote to Make the District of Columbia a State

Congress should use its authority under Article 4 of the Constitution to admit the District as a new state.
Jan. 27, 2012

First Anniversary of Egyptian Revolution Highlights Rifts With West, Political Fractures

What should have been a celebratory week marking the anniversary of Egypt's revolution became instead a week marked by detainment, protests, and squabbling in parliament.

Jan. 24, 2012

Obama Should Endorse Same-Sex Marriage During the State of the Union

President Obama's has been a big supporter of LGBT rights, but he should use the State of the Union to advocate for marriage equality.
Jan. 21, 2012

Syria's Assad Should Step Down to Avoid the Fate of Saddam, Mubarak, and Gaddafi

If Syria's President Bashar al-Assad does not step down soon, he will soon meet the fate of former Arab dictators Hosni Mubarak, Muammar Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein.
Jan. 20, 2012

Obama Should Select Hillary Clinton as Vice President for Election 2012

For the long-term health of the Democratic party, President Barack Obama should select Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as Vice President for the 2012 election.