Elizabeth Rghebi
Elizabeth Rghebi

How This Man Went From President to "Terrorist"

A year and a half ago, Mohamed Morsi was Egypt's first elected president. Now he's being tried on terror charges. Here's how it happened.


In Pre-Revolutionary Libya, We Had One Tyrant — "Now We Have Many"

My family's initial excitement following the defeat of Gaddafi is turning into frustration and impatience.

Saudi Arabian Women Driving: 5 Inspiring Videos From Today's Protest

Here are some inspiring moments from today’s campaign to protest Saudi Arabia's ban on women driving.

This Israeli Gas Field Could Radically Reshape Politics in the Middle East

Due to the complexity of maritime issues in the Eastern Mediterranean, Israeli efforts to drill in the Mediterranean make for an unpredictable future.

The Inside Story Of Saudi Arabia's Bizarre Ban On Female Drivers

Saudi Arabia has witnessed incremental improvements in women's rights, and now is the time for activists to use this momentum to fight for women's right to drive.

The Reason For Yemen's Child-Bride Problem Isn't What You'd Expect

Yemen’s child bride problem is back in the spotlight following the reported death of a little girl named Rawan on her wedding night.


5 Dinner Party Rules For Discussing the Syria Crisis

Over the last two weeks, Syria has become a hot topic of conversation as a possible U.S. military intervention looms. Here are some tips to manage the issue in a social setting.

Who's Who in Syria, Explained in Plain English

The situation in Syria is a truly complicated web of interests and alliances grounded in an equally complex history.

Chemical Weapons Attack: Inside America's Dirty Secret

New details about Syria force us to confront our own history with chemical weapons as the international community grapples with the dire situation in Syria.

There's a Simple Reason Why the U.S. Doesn't Know What to Do About Egypt

The U.S.-Israel relationship and America’s devotion to the protection of Israel above all else inhibits the Obama administration's ability to adapt to the political upheaval in Egypt.

US Foreign Aid: There's Been NO Accountability in How It's Spent

The problems with U.S. foreign aid go far beyond transparency and accountability. U.S. aid, has historically been given to countries ruled by dictators with questionable human rights records.

Muslim Brotherhood: Sorry, But They're Not Going Anywhere

This new uprising will not be able to achieve its goals if it excludes its opponents or remains silent as the military flouts the very human rights demanded by protesters.

Taksim Square Protest: U.S. Policy On Turkey Repeats Our Past Mistakes

Obama’s approach to the current situation in Turkey is consistent with America’s past contradictory policies in the region, i.e. supporting allies until no longer tenable as in Tunisia and Egypt.

Bradley Manning Court Martial: Aiding the Enemy is an Excessive Charge

Bradley Manning's actions embarrassed the United States more than they hurt national security, but maybe that's why the Obama administration wants to make an example of him.