Sam Meier
Sam Meier

Feminist Weekly: A Spotlight On Trans Allyship and Visibility

Everything you missed from TDoR 2013.


Feminist Weekly: New York, I Love You

But you're bringing me down.

Feminist Weekly: Get Some Perspective

Luckily, our writers have it.

Feminist Weekly: What's the Story, Wishbone?

Let's wag another tale.

Why Righteous Snark Works For 'Jezebel'

Snarky headlines can still make virtual waves in a sea of cat videos, as the newly released 'Book of Jezebel' shows.

New Media Needs New Voices

We know race, gender, class, and sexuality still matter — but our generation's evolution is different. Our media should be, too.

Feminist Weekly: It's National Coming Out Day!

All the rainbows ... so intense.

Feminist Weekly: A Young D.C. Resident Speaks Out On the Shutdown

We're not gonna take it anymore.

Feminist Weekly: PolicyMic Gets Personal

Yes, you heard me.

Portrait Of the Editor As a Young Feminist in the Internet Age

I may work for the internet, but where would the "knowledge economy" be without books?

Feminist Weekly: How Education Reform Impacts You

It's not just for teachers anymore.

PolicyMic's September Challenge: School Us On Education Reform

Talking 'bout our education.

Feminist Weekly: Can PolicyMic Save the World?

This week, PolicyMic writers weighed in on the labor issue of our time, how we're failing the mentally ill, why women have stalled in Silicon Valley, Moral Mondays, and so much more!


Feminist Weekly: Meet Our New Editor, Thomas Page McBee

Exciting updates at PolicyMic for all you social justice writers out there.

What One Year At PolicyMic Has Taught Me About Growth

In this week's Feminist Weekly, PolicyMic writers take on the 'b-word' in Russia, a superhero who could save Pakistan, racist policies in Ohio, and the new suburban sprawl.

Feminist Weekly: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Climate Change

You don't have to be afraid to ask.

This Week At PolicyMic: Millennials Take On Climate Change

This week, millennials tackle one of the hottest issues facing our generation: climate change.