Gina Sipley
Gina Sipley

Surprise! It's the Golden Age of Libraries

As more and more millennials are enrolled in virtual higher education opportunities not tied to university campuses, the public library is a central site of learning and innovation.

Community Colleges Are More Rigorous Than You Realize

Contrary to popular culture depictions, it can be harder to graduate from community college than to attain a PhD.

Ohio's Plan to Stop Student Debt Won't Work — But It's the Start Of Something

Ohio should not replicate the structure of Oregon's tuition plan, but it should build upon Oregon's initial draft by putting its college students to work on developing a viable version.

Black Girls CODE is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You

Black Girls CODE needs continued public support to ensure that young women across America have access to computer programming and engineering courses.

Teach For America is Finally Getting the Scrutiny It Deserves

With a surplus of highly qualified, well-educated teachers seeking employment, Teach For America needs to refine its vision and find new ways to reshape public education in the 21st century.

Oregon Tuition Plan: New Plan Could Revolutionize Higher Education

With states like WA, VT, NY, PA, and WN considering the adoption of their own Pay It Forward model, the students of Oregon are uniquely poised to transform the future of American public colleges.

Whose Fault is It If Your Degree is Useless?

One senator has introduced a Know Before You Go Act, which insures that institutions release accurate statistics about completion rates, job prospects, and costs before students choose majors.

No Online Education Technology Will Ever Replace the Value of an Amazing Teacher

While certain developments in education technologies seem to seek to eliminate the role of the teacher, such an approach is impractical, impossible, and unwise.