Ola Abiose
Ola Abiose

4 Reasons Local Government Kicks Washington, D.C.'s Butt

Many are worried about millennials' growing disinterest in careers in public service, but when we define "public service" only in terms of Washington politics, maybe that shouldn't surprise us.

FEMEN Sparks a Feminist Revolution — Against FEMEN

Tunisian activist Amina Sboui has been recently released...from the clutches of FEMEN. Her move is the latest outcry against feminists who oppress the very women they claim to save.

Networks Don't Think There's An Audience For a Show About Black Teens. Do You?

Writer/producer Lena Waithe has just debuted her presentation for "Twenties", a show about three girls trying to get their lives together. Would you watch it?

Why I Can't Stop Talking About #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen

A huge debate within the feminist movement has been reignited on Twitter, centered around an age-old question: Who does feminism really represent? It's time to listen and find out.

American Expats Are Giving up Citizenship to Avoid their Taxes

With the recently implemented Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, U.S. expatriates are renouncing their citizenship in droves. Is the government unfairly burdening Americans who live abroad?

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Right-Wing Extremist?

A BBC report found that the mastermind behind the Boston Marathon bombings subscribed to all sorts of right-wing extremist literature. But really, should that come as much of a surprise?


Federal Agents Stop At Nothing — to Kill a Baby Deer

In this latest edition of “Is this really the best use of government resources?” government agents go on a massive hunt for a baby deer. You haven't been this sad since you last watched Bambi.

Tim Allen Wants to Fix Race Relations — By Saying the N-Word

According to Tim Allen, our society is regressing in terms of race relations because it's taboo for white comics to use the n-word. Here's why it is he, in fact, who is taking a step backward.

Alabama Commission Meeting Begins With a Prayer and Ends With Crazy

A recent prayer before an Alabama Public Service Commission meeting took a decidedly political turn. Was this blurring the lines between church and state?

Tampa Has An Outrageous New Solution to Its Homeless Problem

Tampa City Council has come up with a new solution to their homelessness problem: incarceration with no affordable housing alternatives. Is solving homelessness about getting rid of the homeless?

Watch This 12-Year-Old School Everyone On What's Happening in Egypt

In under three minutes, 12-year-old Ali Ahmed concisely summarizes the principles of the Egyptian revolution and renews our faith in humanity. Sometimes the wisest among us are the youngest.

George Zimmerman Verdict Hinged On Definition Of 2 Words

Jury instructions are highly critical to courtroom proceedings and the jury's ability to render a verdict. But what happens if they're incomplete?

Jenny McCarthy: Sure, Let's Listen to 'The View' Of a Hack

ABC just announced that it will be hiring actress Jenny McCarthy to be a co-host for "The View." But giving any credibility her dangerous psuedoscience might do viewers more harm than good.

Koch Brothers Want to Help the Poor By Making Them Work For Less

The Koch Foundation has just rolled out a new ad campaign aimed at uplifting the most disadvantaged by reminding them of their economic freedom. The only obstacle? The minimum wage.

Detroit is Trashing Black History — Literally

Protests have erupted over the dumping of a massive collection of black history books near Detroit. Here's why it affects us all.

Independence Day 2013: Today, Celebrate Our History by Fighting Historical Ignorance

Today is the day we celebrate our Declaration of Independence, but the biggest threat to our democracy is historical illiteracy — and it's attacking us from within.


How Joe Biden's Charm Kept Edward Snowden Stuck in Russia

Ecuador may have no love towards the United States, but that doesn’t mean Edward Snowden is necessarily welcome ... thanks to none other than Vice President Biden.

This Soldier Has 2,746 Confirmed Kills But Doesn't Want to Be Called a Hero

Sergeant Dillard Johnson is one of the deadliest U.S. soldiers on the record. But as he himself would be the first to tell you, that might not be something we want to celebrate.

Paula Deen's Fans Remind Us Who the REAL Victim is

Paula Deen is gaining a huge show of support from avid fans, who remind us that the real victims are not her black employees ... but the celebrity chef herself.

Muslim Women Don't Need to Be Saved From Oppression By the West

Anti-Muslim violence is a serious problem; but when the veil becomes the flash point for violence, it's no longer simply a "Muslim issue": it's an urgent women's one.