David Tigabu
David Tigabu

The Real Deal On the TPP

The TPP promises to be a repository of corporate giveaways, and a stuffed coal stocking for everyone else.


5 Questions With Dave Zirin, Sports Editor Of The Nation

The famed sportswriter for "The Nation" talks sports and politics with us on our first installment of Five Questions With.

GOP Wants Eccentric Millionaire John McAfee to Fix Obamacare Site

The glitch-laden exchanges has presented the Republican Party with a minor political victory, but enlisting a man with potential ties to a murder reveals the GOP's poor judgement.

Rush Limbaugh Wants "45 Ted Cruz's" in the Senate

Needless to say, one Ted Cruz is enough.

Graphic Rape Sculpture is Causing Outrage in Europe

This controversial piece of art brings back bad memories for Russia.

Bob Costas Got Slammed For Calling Out Redskins Racism During An NFL Broadcast

Momentum is growing to change the Washington Redskins to a less offensive team name. Broadcaster Bob Costas is just one of the many people showing the switch is inevitable.


Obamacare Death Panels Coming to a School Near You

A sociology class in Illinois was tasked with picking which six of 10 theoretical patients would receive life-saving care and who would die due to limited resources. Right-wingers were enraged.

Climate Reports Tell a Very Grim Story

Two new climate reports from the IPCC and the University of Hawaii argue that climate change is bearing down even faster than we could have predicted.

Starbucks Promotion Shows Congress How to Get Things Done

Starbucks as implemented an interesting new promotion, but is it another play at banal sentimentality?

Meet the Congressmen Declining Their Pay During the Shutdown

Do not be fooled by these congresmen's attempts to relate to the suffering of furloughed workers during the shutdown. It's all a show.


9-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter to Congress Telling Them to Grow Up

When this Kentucky girl's school trip to a national park is cancelled, she takes her frustrations directly to Congress.

The Dirty Aftermath Of Colorado's Biblical Floods

Aside from water damage, Colorado's flood victims have found themselves at the center of a water pollution crisis.

Harry Mitts Execution Was Wrong

Harry Mitts Jr. killed a black man and an officer and wounded two other policemen. But killing him won't undo the harm he did, nor can it be jusified.

Sorry, Wayne LaPierre — The Answer to Our Gun Violence Problem Isn't More Guns

In the wake of the Navy Yard shooting, the NRA continues to claim that guns are not to blame for violence.

Starbucks CEO Politely Requests Customers Keep Their Guns Out Of Coffee Shops

CEO Howard Schultz requests customers not carry guns into Starbucks stores. This decision makes perfect sense.


9 11 Conspiracy: 46% of People Who Watch This Video Question the Truth About 9/11

Distrust in major institutions are a hall-mark of declining public opinion. Government is becoming increasingly unable to command the faith of Americans.

The Aging Of President Obama in 14 Increasingly Grey Photos

Aging is just one aspect of life, but one that appears to accelerate when it comes to presidents.

Someone Tried to Stick Up An Iraq War Vet, Watch What Happened Next

When a thief tries to rob his convenience store, U.S. veteran Joe Lewish Alexander teaches his a hard lesson.

NFL Settles in $765 Million Lawsuit So Everyone Will Forget About Concussions

The NFL made out like bandits in their settlement to 4,500 former players. Athletes lost big time.