Amanda Wynter
Amanda Wynter

Mark Dice Shows That Obama Supporters Are Willing to Literally Sign Away Their Rights

Although U.S. History is taught almost everywhere, civics is not high on the priority list. Watch these Americans sign a petition to repeal the Bill of Rights—it should make you very scared.


PolicyMic Summer Reading List: Before 'The Hunger Games' There Was 'Ender's Game'

Next up on PolicyMic's summer reading list: 'Ender's Game.' I bet this book did not get the respect it deserves when you read it in sixth grade. Give it try now, you won't regret it.

Anwar Al-Awlaki Loved Pizza and Prostitutes, According to FBI Docs

U.S. citizen and radical jihadi Anwar al-Awlaki was followed by the FBI 10 years before being killed by a drone in Yemen. Could further surveillance have prevented anything?

Michael Bloomberg Soda Ban: Americans Say, "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Soda. Actually, Can We Have Both?"

Is it "nanny government" or acting in the public interest? Either way, the latest poll shows Americans are not happy with ban on their soda sizes.

Voting Rights Act Decision: Is Liberal Rage On Twitter Completely Out Of Order?

MSNBC hosts ranted on Twitter after the VRA ruling. Are they in the right or simply crying wolf?

Marijuana Legalization 2013: Nevada Makes It Easier to Light Up, But Will This Hurt the Federal Cause?

Nevada incites yet another battle between states and the federal government over marijuana legalization. Should the state be allowed to operate in defiance of federal law?

Women Should Strive to Get Ahead Of Men, Not Just Be Equal to Them

Our mothers fought to give us choice, but desired for us to make good ones. Ones that place us not only on par with our male counterparts, but ahead of them.

Obama Scandal: IRS Scandal Reveals Horribly Broken Tax Code

The real scandal is an arbitrary, confusing set of tax laws that are practically unenforceable. Should we be surprised that the IRS stumbled?

Orlando Shaw: This Man Has 22 Children, So Why Are We Laughing?

The latest "hilarious" video to go viral is yet another non-white man stuck in a ridiculous but troubling situation. Why is "tragedy porn" so shareable?

Elizabeth Warren: Senator's New Bill Demands Equal Treatment For Rich Banks and Poor Students

Elizabeth Warren wants students to receive the same interest rates that big banks get from the federal government.