Nick Recktenwald
Nick Recktenwald

High Schoolers Are Now Tweeting Their College Acceptance Letters

Should we expect any different?

'Breaking Bad' Finale: As Pure As TV Drama Comes

The 'Breaking Bad' finale may have disappointed some viewers, but last night's episode affirmed the series' excellent legacy. (Spoiler alert!)

What Walter White Knows and Hollywood Just Won't Accept

It's time for films to stop shying away from risk, and to start breaking bad.

Real-Life American Tragedies, Now Playing at a Theater Near You

Movies that claim to be based on a true story have always felt exploitative, but 'Fruitvale Station' and 'Blue Caprice' suggest that the claim doesn't have to be so empty.

Are Movie Bloggers Ruining the Oscars?

If you ask the media establishment, the answer is "yes."

Fall 2013 Movie Preview: 11 Movies You Can't Miss

With the arrival of fall, it's time to count down the movies everyone - including the Academy - will be buzzing about this season.

The People Have Spoken: 2013's Summer Movies Sucked

2013 was the year audiences finally grew tired of the Armageddon, and searched for something with a little more heart.

4 Classic Movies With Incredible Remakes

The announcement of the 'Ben Hur' remake has critics rolling their eyes and declaring Hollywood bereft of creativity. But we forget that some remakes actually transcend their source material.

'The World's End' Movie Review: Finally, a Summer Movie Worth Seeing

The latest and last installment of Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright's "Cornetto Trilogy" delivers what we've badly needed all summer: an entertaining movie.

When It Comes to Female Superheros, Being Strong Is Not Enough

The summer blockbuster season has always been heavy on boys playing with toys, and generally light on women. When will Hollywood wise up and give audiences the strong female heroes they deserve?

Latin American Cinema is the Unexpected Remedy For Hollywood Blockbuster Boredom

An interview with Ecuadorean director David Nieto Wenzell on international cinema, how piracy actually benefits independent films, and why we need to learn to "read the label" on our films.

"Elysium" Movie Review: Big on Action, Small On Brains

Neill Blomkamp's second feature length film aspires to be a parable about class disparity set in space, but can't stop playing with guns long enough to say anything important.

"2 Guns" Movie Review: A Few Bullets Short Of a Full Clip

This popcorn film, starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, may deliver a few laughs and some cheap thrills, but it lacks a whole lot more: like a coherent plot, for example.

The Sad Reason Hollywood Royalty Isn't Capable Of a Summer 2013 Blockbuster

America may be a democracy, but Hollywood has always been a meritocracy. This summer, one dependable movie star after another has seen his or her movie bomb. Is Hollywood's 1% suffering, too?

Hollywood Still Hasn't Figured Out How to Depict Muslims

Despite claims of progressiveness, Hollywood revels in stereotypes, and few groups get it worse than Muslims. It's time for Hollywood to move beyond 9/11 and into the present.

3 Reasons Why Everyone Road Tripping is the Right Way to See America

Nothing screams "America!" like experiencing our great country one shabby motel at a time. Summer is the perfect time to pack a bag, pile in the ol' family Sedan, and hit the road.

Sports and Politics Are Not Strange Bedfellows, They Are Old Lovers

Despite arguments that political debates taint the mythical purity of American sports, the two arenas can actually impart a great deal of value on each other.

5 Superman Stories to Read After 'Man Of Steel' Disappoints You

Need something to wash out the bad taste "Man of Steel" left in your mouth? Here are five graphic novels that get the character right.

'Mad Men' Doesn't Have a Race Problem

Plenty of critics have pointed out that the show fails to engage with the racial tension of the 1960s, but are TV shows really responsible for rectifying past sins for current audiences?