Esha Ray
Esha Ray

13 American Politicians Who Screwed Up Bigtime in 2013

The year can't be over fast enough for these unfortunate 13.


The 5 Biggest Challenges Bill de Blasio Faces As New York City Mayor

Bill de Blasio made several bold promises as a candidate, and now that he's about to take the helm of the city, the pressure is on him to deliver.

5 Things More Likely to Kill You Than Marijuana

Spoiler alert: no one's died from smoking marijuana before.

How Obamacare Will Impact Small Businesses — in One Slide Show

Everything you wanted to know about how Obamacare will affect the nation's smaller companies.

Bill de Blasio's Transition Team is Far from Radical, Despite What You've Heard

Bill de Blasio is taking heat for his supposedly uber-progessive transition team, which also has Catholics riled up since it contains no priests but other clergy.

The One Reason Anita Perry Should Vote For Wendy Davis

In a recent interview, Anita Perry "inadvertently made news" by saying abortion is a "woman's right." Her husband opposes abortion in all cases.

Hassan Rouhani Trolled On Israel's Twitter in Immature Attack On UN Speech

Israel has some gripes with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, but maybe trolling him on Twitter isn't helping their cause.

Why Bill de Blasio Doesn't Deserve Christine Quinn and Bill Thompson's Support

Should the former Democratic NYC mayoral candidates sacrifice their campaign platforms and political ideals to promote a false sense of party unity?

Public Masturbation Not a Crime, Rules Swedish Court

Apparently, you can just whip out those Swedish meatballs right there on streets of Stockholm, so long as you don't point them at anyone.

The Horrible Reason This Arkansas School District is Kicking 3 Kids Out Of School

Pea Ridge School District in Arkansas has reportedly banned three foster siblings, two of whom have disabilities, from school until they prove they are not HIV-positive. What gives?

NYC Runoff Election: How It Works

Bill de Blasio and Bill Thompson are set to go to war over the Democratic nomination for NYC mayor a second time. Here's how it will work.

Bobby Jindal is Right — On This One Issue, At Least

Before liberals take out their pitchforks and blast the Louisiana governor's recent op-ed on "hyphenated Americans," it might do us some good to consider the ways he may be right

LinkedIn University Pages Might Put the Pressure For Jobs Early On High Schoolers

Stressed out enough applying for college? LinkedIn is doubling it up by launching a network that will allow high schoolers to be stressed out about employment, too.

Michael Bloomberg's Hissy Fit On Stop and Frisk

The New York mayor wrote a Washington Post op-ed lashing out at the new restrictions on stop and frisk, but the old program wasn't just racist — it wasn't even working.

Childhood Obesity is Declining, But Don't Break Out the Donuts Yet

19 of 43 states and territories examined from 2008-2011 showed small but significant declines in the childhood obesity rate. But it's no time to celebrate.

Forget About Anthony Weiner — Here Comes Bill DeBlasio

Anthony Weiner has collapsed in the polls, and Bill de Blasio — the city's public advocate and an unabashed critic of Bloomberg's policies — looks poised to fill the void.

Zynga Ludicrously Claims "Bang With Friends" Violates Its Copyrights

Zynga, maker of the Facebook Scrabble ripoff "Words With Friends," is now claiming another company's "Bang With Friends" app violates their copyright. This is not a successful business strategy.

10 Things Every 20-Something Should Know

If you don't know these things, you're stupid!

China's Economy Could Implode — Here's How to Fix It

China's economy is slowing down. Unless it starts buying its own goods, it might not speed back up.

Glamorizing Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? We've Been Doing It Since April

Don't blame Rolling Stone for succumbing to a media frenzy that's way, way older than the magazine's controversial cover.