Brett Scruton
Brett Scruton

Are 20-Somethings Better Workers Than Their Parents? Check This Chart

A cool video graphic breaks down work habits by generation. While the chart may seem to promote certain millennial stereotypes, a few things might surprise you.


This Syrian Activist Was Fighting to Expose Atrocities, and Now She's Been Kidnapped

Razan Zaitouneh has been letting the world know what has been happening on the ground in Syria. Here's what you need to know.

If You've Lost Faith in American Democracy, This Mayoral Election Will Restore It

The Minneapolis mayoral election is now over. Despite being framed as crazy, it was actually one of the most representative elections in recent American memory.

This Doctor Claims Syrian Snipers Are Aiming For Pregnant Women

Despite the elimination of chemical stockpiles, conventional warfare is just as horrifying in Syria.

These Trees Can Tell You Where to Strike Gold

Eucalyptus trees in Australia have been sucking up gold particles from underground deposits. In a way, money does grow on trees now.

This Study Shows Why You Shouldn't Trust a Religious Person When There's Money Involved

A study out of Canada points to particular demographics for lying based on personality traits. One is supposedly being more religious.

Facebook's New Rules: Breasts Are Still Bad, But Beheadings Are A-OK

Facebook is stirring controversy by lifting a ban on decapitation videos. The real problem is that there's far more restrictive policies concerning images of the human body.

That One Crazy Substitute Teacher Who Did Heroin

A substitute passed out in front of 11 students after doing heroin before class. And you thought you had a good sub story.

The NSA's Latest Surveillance Includes Creeping On Your Buddylists

The NSA is at it again. Another program reveals the NSA is harvesting email and contact lists. Too bad that's a whole lot of boring information.

SecureDrop is the Anonymous Whistleblowing System Journalists Have Been Waiting For

SecureDrop is here, and that's good for sources and journalists alike. The system makes the identity of sources completely unknown to everybody including the journalists receiving information.

What You Need to Know About the Exorcism Case That's Now An Exorcism Trial

Four men are on trial in France for instigating an "exorcism" that left a teenager tortured.


2013 Nobel Peace Prize: 5 Heavy Contenders

On Fridaym October 11, the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded. With the Internet a buzz on who will win, we've broken down the top contenders.

The Latest Proof the Sochi Olympics Have Some Seriously Bad Vibes

The Olympic Flame extinguished en route to the Kremlin. Consider this a bad omen on top of already problematic policies.

Someone is Pooping in the Laundry Rooms At Yale

For 2013-2014, tuition and fees for Yale come out to $44,000. That's a lot considering you run a chance of having your clothing pooped on.

Here's That Jesus Dildo Someone Apparently Asked For

Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. - Psalm 23:4

Myanmar Riots: Media is Ignoring Anti-Muslim Violence in Southeast Asia

Riots are escalating in Myanmar, and it remains a vastly under reported story.

The Biggest Victims Of Islamic Terrorism Aren't Who You Think

An attack by Boko Haram Islamist radicals in Nigeria resulted in the deaths of 40-50 students. They were all Muslims. It's time to acknowledge that Muslims are often victimized by Islamists.

NSA's Tapping History Proves PRISM is Nothing New

Declassification of names that were tapped under the NSA program of the early '70s, MINARET, reveal a precedent for NSA overreach.

Sudan Internet Shutdown: It's Not Just Sudan Screwing With the Web

The Sudanese government has shut down Internet access in light of recent protests. The problem is that Sudan is not alone in government Internet suppression. It just takes different forms.

Sex Tape Celebrity Videos Fund the Entire Porn Industry, Apparently

The porn industry claims to be based off celebrity-sex tapes. If so, it's really based off America's obsession with celebrity.