Cherry Davis
Cherry Davis

Suze Orman's Prepaid Cards Are Part of Immoral Money Scam

If you are purchasing prepaid cards, visiting checks cashing stores, or buying reloadable debit cards just stop. You are only digging yourself into further money problems.

For Millennials Homeownership Should Not be the American Dream

The homeownership dream is not one that can be attained by everyone. As a generation we need to be more realistic about what is, and is not, possible.

Trayvon Martin Case Signals Trend of New Racism in America

Mainstream society's resistance to change produces fear of "the other" by whites and non-whites alike

George Zimmerman Trial Proves Social Media Has Changed the News Biz

Social media is changing how stories are covered.

Susan G. Komen Missteps, Or How to Anger an Army of Women

What not to do when angering core supporters.