Devon Frye
Devon Frye

Sydney Leathers Will Teach You How to Bag a Weiner

Anthony Weiner's sexting buddy has released a guide to the art of hooking up with politicians — but does it really teach us anything?


Russian Neo-Nazis Are Torturing Gays On YouTube

A new group is targeting gay Russian teens — bullying and torturing them for the crime of their sexual orientation. And it's being tacitly endorsed by the Kremlin.

We Needed to Be Saved From Juror B37 — and Cocky McSwagsalot Saved the Day

One Twitter user is credited with stopping Juror B37's book deal -- and I think she's awesome for it.

Women Are Cheating More, Too — But is That So Bad?

Women have upped their extramarital affairs, almost matching men. But maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Andrew Cuomo: Why New York Governor's Women's Equality Act Is the Right Thing For New York

Conservative state senators are threatening to block the bill over a single abortion provision, while ignoring the rest of the good it does.