Urvi Nagrani
Urvi Nagrani

Micah Kellner is Latest Democrat Accused Of Sexual Harassment

NY's 32BJ SEIU Union rescinded an endorsement for the first time ever after allegations emerged Assembly Member Micah Kellner sexually harassed his staff. He's not the first Democrat, either.

Sheryl Sandberg Made $92 Million Last Week, But Won't Lean In to Pay An Intern

Sheryl Sandberg wants women to Lean In to their careers and "pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do." Just don't expect pay for it.

Google Chromecast Price: At Just $35, Google Threatens Roku and Apple TV

Wednesday Google announced Chromecast, an HDMI port connected streaming device that allows you to watch movies and computer content on your TV.

Bradley Manning Gay Pride: Supporters Show Love For WikiLeaks Whistleblower

Thousands of Bradley Manning supported marched in San Francisco Pride's 2013 on Sunday, forming the largest non-corporate contingent.

Gay Marriage in California: 23 Images That Show Us What Real Equality Looks Like

What does marriage equality look like, and who are some of the people affected? All marriages shown were held on Friday after California's ban on gay marriage was lifted.

12 Photos From San Francisco City Hall That Pretty Much Sum Up the Gay Marriage Decision

Here are 12 heartfelt snapshots from the rotunda after the DOMA ruling.


'Black Swan' Intern Ruling: Landmark Case Could Mean the End Of the Unpaid Internship

The interns who sued Fox Searchlight for being unpaid for their work on "Black Swan" just won the case, setting a positive new standard for Hollywood interns and entry level workers.

Xbox 1 At E3 Video: Microsoft Demos How to Be a Sexist Gamer

Microsoft's Xbox demo at E3 showed off had some questionable moments and showed what it reveals about sexism in the gaming industry.

Gay Pride 2013: Is Bradley Manning Too Controversial For Event?

Organizers at SF Pride continue to be at odds over the controversy surrounding Private Manning's nomination for 2013 Marshall.

NSA Scandal: 8 Hilarious Memes and Jokes About Scandal

As the latest NSA scandal makes headlines, the internet reacts with a new meme: Obama is reading your email.

NSA PRISM Program: Turns Out You Have Even Less Digital Privacy Than You Thought

The Guardian reveals more NSA documents showing not only are they following who you call, but also most of your online activity.

Tyler Marcum: Keeping Old Age Away With the Dixie Chicks and Interpretive Dance

Interpretative dance has never been so humorous. Tyler Marcum shows us how to get older with style.

Strongbox Launch: How Aaron Swartz is Still Defending Your Internet Privacy

The late internet activist Aaron Swart's project with the New Yorker launched Wednesday. Strongbox lets users share information, messages, and files with writers and editors anonymously.

Google Wallet: Newest Feature Will Have E-Commerce Running For Cover

Google announces a new service that allows you to send money through your Gmail account.

Bradley Manning: SF Pride's Decision to Exclude Bradley Manning Shows Divisions in the Movement

San Francisco activists protest of SF Pride's refusal to honor Bradley Manning gets support from Supervisor David Campos.

Immigration Reform 2013: Mark Zuckerberg's Lobbying Group Has Already Lost Key Donors

FWD.us was supposed to be the way Silicon Valley leaders could influence policy around key issues, but one month in, support is waning as the strategy proves problematic.


Angelina Jolie Mastectomy: Why Did the Star Actress Get This Major Breast Operation?

Angelina Jolie writes in the New York Times about why she made the choice to undergo a double mastectomy to reduce her odds of having breast cancer.

Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal: Ryan McHenry Created Viral Vine Video

Filmmaker Ryan McHenry put together the "Ryan Gosling Won't Eat His Cereal" Vine video to make his friends laugh and ended up creating the next big viral meme.

Bradley Manning: SF Pride Still Doesn't Get Why People Are Upset

After the community protests, SF Pride shows it still doesn't understand why members of the LGBT community are protesting Bradley Manning being snubbed by Pride.

San Francisco Gay Pride 2013: SF Parade Honors Bradley Manning, Now Backtracking Any Way Possible

After naming Bradley Manning a grand marshal, revoking the honor, and being protested by the community, San Francisco Pride tries again to justify their decision.