Rachel Kleinman
Rachel Kleinman

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George Clooney's Incredible Activism, in One Timeline

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The Real Wolf Of Wall Street is Even More Over-the-Top Than Leo

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This Man's Case Proves the Truth About Florida's Stand Your Ground Law

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Femen's Christmas Day Protest Was Their Most Outrageous Yet

Mass-goers in Cologne, Germany were in for a big suprise when a topless woman climbed atop the altar to protest the Church's stance on abortion.

Meet the Openly Gay Athletes Traveling to Russia — May They Give Putin Hell

Obama's thumbing his proverbial nose at Putin's anti-gay stance by sending some of America's top gay athletes to Russia as part of its 2014 Olympics delegation.


Mayor Bloomberg's Last Act Is to Make Sure New Yorkers Don’t Get a Living Wage

His true, conservative colors are shining through