Jayson Flores
Jayson Flores

Frats Boast Brotherhood For All! ... Except Gay Men

From the military to fraternities, feminine gay men especially still face discrimination.


I'm a Feminine Gay Man and I'm Sick of Restrictive Halloween Costumes

Halloween is so gendered! Bo-ring.

Coming Out When Everyone Already Knows You're Gay

There's a privilege in the way we applaud the straight-acting athlete and roll our eyes at the "obvious" gay who finally gets wise to what everyone thinks anyway. I should know.

The UnSlut Project Exposes the Disturbing Reality Of Sexual Bullying

Slut shaming is deadly. How can men work to stop it?

The Rocky Relationship Between Jan Brewer and Barack Obama, Explained

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's one-sided fight.

Gays in Russia Are Under Attack — Here's How You Can Help Them

Vladimir Putin is trying to erase gays from Russian society. Too often in history we see oppressed groups and are shocked by the inaction of others. Let’s not be those people who stand by.

These Vigilante Women Are Taking the Fight to Rapists in India

A woman is raped every 20 minutes in India. Some women, in response, are taking the law into their own hands.

Ken Cuccinnelli's Brave Stand Against Sex He Thinks is Weird

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli wants to reinstate a law that would make sodomy illegal once again.

Why Do Americans Blame 48 Million People For Things That Aren’t Their Fault?

“Why should I pay higher taxes so that some lazy poor person can pick up another unemployment check and then go back to sitting on the couch?” This is poor-shaming, and it's wrong.

A Simple Intervention From the U.S. Secretary Of Education Could Help Millions Of Survivors Of Sexual Violence

Ending the epidemic of sexual assault on campus may all boil down to better enforcing Title IX.

78% Of New Yorkers Support a Bill to Protect Trans People — It's Time For the State to Pass It

New York stands for equality for the gay community and needs to the do the same for the transgender community.


Why Broke Millennials Can't Catch a Break

A renewed dependence on internal referrals leaves many young people out of work and out of luck.