Rashaad Mubarak
Rashaad Mubarak

3 Cases Of Racism Proving Why Activists Still Need to Fight, Even in 2013

The inconvenient truth about today's America: We still need equality champions more than ever.


4 Outrageous Statements Celebrities Have Made About Politics

Sometimes celebrities should keep their political ramblings to themselves.

What is So.cl? Microsoft's New Social Network Takes On the Social Media Giants

Numerous social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have dominated the internet. Can Microsoft's new website reach their level of popularity?

History of the Nobel Prize, Told in Pictures

The Nobel Prize is the ultimate honor that any person can achieve. Laureates are commemorated for their accomplishments in six academic fields, gaining acclaim or criticism from the world.

4 Intriguing Monuments Mankind Has Forgotten About

Monuments such as Stonehenge and the Taj Mahal garner acclamation from the global populace. This causes the world to overlook certain monuments of abstract design and historical symbolism.

The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is Not Enough to End China's Internet Censorship

Shanghai's new trade zone offers economic expansion for the Pudong District, but doesn't affect such policies in place throughout China.

These 6 Countries Banned McDonald's, Do They Know Something We Don't?

Thought there was a McDonald's in every country? You were wrong — there are a few holdouts. Are the reasons for this economic, political, or personal?

What It's Like Being a Gay Poet in Iran

Life in Iran is a constant struggle for Payam Feili, who is a blacklisted author and homosexual. Does his situation reflect the lack of freedom and rights in Iran?

Max Mosley Sex Scandal Even Weirder Than Previously Thought

Max Rufus Mosley filed a lawsuit against Google in attempt to rid the internet of his 2008 escapade. Mosley must realize that his wealth and status are not immune from the law.

Washington Redskins Name Change is the Right Thing to Do

Cultural associations, Native Americans and avid supporters disapprove of the Washington Redskins's current moniker. This is why the team should change the moniker.

Was Yang Yuanqing’s Gift a Kind Gesture or Reminder Of His Wealth?

Yang Yuanqing shares $3.25 million from his bonus with Lenovo employees in China, Japan, the United States and 19 other countries. Is this a kind gesture or indication of the socioeconomic gap?


Hyon Song-Wol Sex Tape Execution Could Have Meant Many Things in Kim Jong-Un's Korea

Hyon Song-Wol was executed for participating in a sex tape. She was also a former lover of Kim Jong-Un, rumored to having an affair with him. Was this execution a means of saving Kim's image?

Syrian Electronic Army: Why its Hacking Should Make Us More Worried Than Ever

The Syrian Electronic Army's attacks the New York Times raises significant questions and concerns: What is the reason behind these cyber assaults? What, if anything, do they accomplish?

NSA Spying: How Cellphones Could Become Our Worst Enemies

The Obama administration has issued a petition to the Supreme Court that the Fourth Amendment sanctions cellphone inspections without a warrant. Will this hinder crime or cause disaster?

'Dads' TV Show Controversy: Is This the Last Straw For Racial Stereotypes On TV?

Although it premieres in September, Dads has already received criticism for its stereotypes aimed at Asians. Should the creators and producers reshoot these scenes or is that censorship?

Facebook is Making You Sad, Lonely, Petty, and Jealous

The phrase "too much of a good thing is a bad thing" applies to Facebook, as researchers theorize that the social network stimulates envy and depression. Does this apply to all social media?


Michael Deane Went Bravely to His Death in Egypt, But He Shouldn't Have Had to

Michael Deane, a cameraman for Sky News, was killed while covering the Morsi demonstrations in Cairo. Is news coverage more important than the safety of journalists?

And the Muslim Brotherhood Said, "Let There Be War!"

Morsi demonstrators and opponents come to blows, hurling insults and stones. Peace seems unlikely since the Muslim Brotherhood refused a negotiation attempt offered by Al-Azhari.

Moto X Review: New Motorola Smartphone is Pioneering Device

Motorola Mobility unveils its newest addition to mobile technology: the Moto X. In addition to the usual feature of a smartphone, the Moto X has another quality, sentience.

5 Cities That Will Make China the Largest Superpower By 2030

These five cities are the main contributors to China's economy, livelihood, and sustainability.