Rachel Pincus
Rachel Pincus

Watch Rep. Mike Rogers Give the Most Pathetic Defense Of NSA Spying Yet

Rep. Mike Rogers, who is the chair of the Intelligence Committee, believes that what Americans don't know won't hurt them in the way of NSA spying – except we do know about it, and we're angry.


You Won't Believe Everything Chad Pregracke Has Pulled Out Of the Mississippi River

Chad Pregracke turned a trash-diving hobby in his teens into an effort that brings education and teamwork to hundreds of communities across the Mississippi River and others.

Some Marines Think Their New Uniforms Are Too "Girly"

A new, unisex cap design is in the works for U.S. Marines, but some think it's too feminine and too French. What's all the fuss about?

Rick Santorum Blames "Will and Grace" for Gay Rights

Rick Santorum now blames "Will and Grace" for the U.S. government's moves to legalize gay marriage. Also, watch out for his name at the movies.

Maryland Gynecologist Found With Drugs, Images Of Patients' Genitals

Investigators have found that Dr. John Yacoub has a pretty hedonistic lifestyle for a gynecologists: drugs, an affair with a patient, and some very explicit images.

Bods Of the Beltway: 15 Shirtless Photos Of the Men Who Run Our Country

As the beach season winds down, it never hurts to revisit some of the most savvy (and shameful) beach dwellers in U.S. Politics. This list includes both the modern and the historical.


What's That in the Water? Exxon Mobile Dumps Toxic Waste in Pennsylvania

The human cost of fracking has yet to become fully clear, in part because of industry hush-ups. This is especially clear through the actions of XTO, an ExxonMobil subsidiary.

This Ad Proves India's Domestic Abuse Problem is Worse Than Ever

An ad campaign created by Save the Children India has drawn accolades and built awareness of violence against women in the rapidly changing country.

E-Cigarettes Are a Loophole to Teenage Smoking

Teenagers have discovered the lack of age restrictions on e-cigarettes, and that's led to their use as a gateway into addiction – instead of a way out.

40% Of Highest-Paid CEOs Suck at Their Jobs, But You Already Knew That

A new study by the Institute for Policy Studies confirms a rising suspicion that the nation's biggest CEOs don't just take home too much pay – they also run their companies into the ground.

11 Devastating Photos Of the Yosemite Rim Fire

The Yosemite Rim fire is one of the terrible disasters striking the U.S. with increasing frequency. Here are 11 intense photos that demonstrate what's really going on in the West.


Darren Young Gay: You Mean There's Actually a Gay Professional Wrestler?

WWE Star Darren Young recently, and quite spontaneously, came out as gay. What does this mean for the always-campy sport of wrestling?

Russell Simmons' Harriet Tubman Sex Tape YouTube Video is Basically As Awful As You'd Expect

Russell Simmons' new YouTube video channel made a major misstep by posting a video portraying Harriet Tubman as a blackmailing Jezebel who made a sex tape with her master.

Ken Cuccinelli's Sodomy Campaign is Really Just Homophobia in Disguise

Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is on a mission to bring back laws that he says will keep pedophiles in jail. But there's something else really behind his campaign.

You Probably Shouldn't "Send a Dildo to Vladimir Putin," No Matter What Facebook Tells You

Call me crazy, but mailing the Russian president dildos is probably not a good way to punish him on his laws and remarks concerning LGBT people.

The Postal Service May End Door-to-Door Delivery By 2022

The familiar scene of a postal worker walking up to someone's door and handing them a letter may go the way of the milkman, under a new proposal being considered in Congress.


This Gay Couples' State Wouldn't Marry Them — So Their County Did

In Montgomery County, Pa. yesterday, four lesbian couples and one gay couple received licenses to marry in Norristown, the county seat. This follows a lawsuit challenging the state marriage ban.

Victoria Brink Was Not Rep. Steve Cohen's Daughter After All

A DNA test has disproved Rep. Cohen's paternity of a young woman he covertly tweeted at during the State of the Union. Is his "I love you" now sweet or creepy?

5 Ugly Facts About the New Texas Abortion Bill

On Thursday, Texas Governor Rick Perry signed into law HB2, which makes abortion after 20 weeks illegal and introduces a host of other restrictions that will close a majority of abortion clinics.

Thailand's "Hitler Fried Chicken" is a Little Out Of Mein Kampfort Zone

A store in Bangkok, Thailand that sells t-shirts poking fun at Hitler and Nazi imagery caused a stir – and exposes a larger trend in Asia. Westerners are baffled and angry, but should they be?