Ian Yamamoto
Ian Yamamoto

Who Won the Second Presidential Debate? Obama

Obama did not have better answers, but did a better job at delivering them.


Penn Jillete Obama Drug Use Rant: Legitimate or Lame? [+ Video]

Penn Jillete calls out the president on his demeanor towards drugs on a Jimmy Fallon appearance. Although Penn tends to be a tad vulgar, he's also right.

Elon Musk's SpaceX a Success as Dragon Capsule Heads to International Space Station [+video]

SpaceX takes the first step into the future of commercialized space.

SpaceX Launch Schedule 2012: Dragon Capsule to Be Launched Into Space on Saturday

The stage is set for SpaceX to make history by becoming the first private company to attempt a mission to the International Space Station.

SpaceX Paves New Future for Private Space Exploration, But Congress Could Ruin All Progress

Congress once again may decide to pick winners and losers in a vote next week, which would effectively destroy innovation and competition in the free market for space exploration.

Free Market Space Race: SpaceX and the Liberty Rocket Compete to Take Us to the Stars

Today's space race is between private companies. Which ever company wins will play a large role in deciding the future of space travel.

SpaceX Delays Dragon Capsule Launch Again, But Will Be Successful

SpaceX has been forced to delay its launch for a second time, but this should give it time to be even better prepared for a successful mission.

SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin: Space Becomes the Final Frontier For Private Companies

In spite of high start-up costs, space development will be no monopoly. Private companies and competition will enable us to conquer the final frontier.

SpaceX Successfully Test Fires Falcon 9 Rocket Engine and Will Launch Soon

Hopefully the entire Dragon Capsule mission will be as successful as today's test.

Asteroid Mining Company Planetary Resources is Already Making Money

New company Planetary Resources has a plan to provide a sustainable business until they can reach asteroids, proving the private sector is capable of beating the high costs of space exploration.

SpaceX Could Create Thousands of Florida Jobs [+Video]

Floridians can be excited about private space companies like SpaceX, because they can create thousands of new jobs for the state.

How SpaceX Could Legally Buy an Asteroid, and Maybe Even the Moon!

The 1967 Outer Space Treaty prevents governments from laying claim to celestial bodies, but not private companies.

Space X Dragon Capsule Proves Private Funding is the Future of Space Exploration

Public competitors adapt too slowly to new information and offer perverse incentives.

Why Every Day is Tax Day

We pay so many different taxes everyday, dedicating only one day to their presence seems inadequate.

Ron Paul Support Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem: Contradiction or Consistency?

Ron Paul's willingness to support moving the U.S. embassy from to Jerusalem may seem like a contradiction, but it's a smart policy.

The Battle Between Libertarians and Anarcho-Capitalists on Privatizing National Defense

This is the first article of an ongoing series of responses to articles written by anarcho-capitalists to clarify the distinction between anarcho-capitalism and libertarianism.


German Solar Power Giant Q-Cells Files For Insolvency, But Environmentalists Should Be Happy

Subsidized, Chinese solar cell manufacturers provide cheap green energy and out compete foreign competitors.

5 Reasons Why Congress Should Not Work in Washington, D.C.

Requiring congresspeople to work in D.C. is detrimental to our democracy.

Girls Around Me: New Social Stalking App Shows Millennials Have a Privacy Problem

Girls Around Me uses public information from Facebook and Foursquare to locate women. It is time for young people to realize the dangers of making information about themselves public.

Obama wants to cut corporate tax rate, G.E. might lose its advantage

A higher corporate tax rate only benefits the tax dodgers.