Sarah Mahmood
Sarah Mahmood

The Real Reason We Haven't Yet Had a Female President

It's definitely not for a lack of potential.

OkCupid Hits New, Fat-Shaming Heights

With its new paid body type filter, the online dating site has made fat-shaming part of its business plan.

Why We're Still Talking About Body Image

From Jennifer Lawrence to CNN, it just never stops.

What Would It Look Like If We Turned the Daily Mail's Sexism Around On Men?

News outlets must stop objectifying female celebrities. This is what it looks like, fellas.

5 Muslim Women Who Defy Submissive Stereotypes

Some pundits insist that Huma Abedin is sticking by Anthony Weiner because she is a "submissive" Muslim woman. They've forgotten just how powerful some Muslim women are.

This White Washington Post Columnist Claims Fear Of Black People is Understandable

The Washington Post's Richard Cohen wrote yet another racist op-ed, arguing that Trayvon Martin was "understandably suspected because he was black."

The Unethical Thing the Justice Department Did to Its Youngest Lawyers

The DoJ hires unpaid attorneys to make up for a budget gap, but this is not an ethical solution.

Hillary Clinton 2016: Are We "Ready For Hillary"? History Says No

As we speculate over Hillary Clinton's possible 2016 run, it is important to recognize that the scales are tipped against any female candidate.