Rijul Asri
Rijul Asri

Party Like It's 1908 With This Rare Footage of Tolstoy's 80th Birthday

Didn't get an invite to Tolstoy's 80th birthday bash? Neither did I. Not to worry, though. This rare footage of his 1908 party makes it feel like you were actually there.

Goethe’s Writing Made People Kill Themselves. Literally.

We are wishing Goethe a very happy birthday by looking at his life, from his suicide-inspiring prose, to his disastrous romances.

6 Pictures That Prove Russian Cats Get Better Treatment Than Russian Gays

Instead of addressing its gay rights violations, Russia is embracing cats. The result? A series of tsarist cat portraits that make even a true Romanov seem underdressed.

7 Famous Books That Were Passed Over by Publishers

Imagine if the Harry Potter series did not make it past publishers. In honor of J.K. Rowling's birthday on Wednesday, we are paying homage to 7 other famous books that just barely made it.