Selma Al-Samarrai
Selma Al-Samarrai

Facebook IPO: Should You Invest in Facebook?

As Facebook's Initial Public Offering approaches, we examine how worthwhile an investment in the social media network giant is for interested buyers.


Call of Duty and World of Warcraft: Did Video Games Play a Role in Norway Massacre?

As Breivik's trial continues, we examine the importance of his heavy video game playing as opposed to the more pressing issues of xenophobia and racism that stemmed his crime.

Hijab and burqa bans are an attack on women's rights and secular societies

There is a rise in hijab and burqa bans around the world. What do these infringements mean for women's rights, freedom of expression, and the scope of a secular society?

Millennials: Facebook Passwords Are Now Part of the Job Interview Process, Watch Out

When a job applicant is asked for their Facebook password, we question where the limit lies for the employer's inquisitons and what constitutes privacy in a digital age.

George Zimmerman Outrage Mounts As 'Stand Your Ground' Law Defends The Unprovoked Attacker

As Florida's 'Stand Your Ground' law protects George Zimmerman following the killing of the unarmed Martin, we ask: How far will this law go to protect murders?

Afghanistan Massacre Underlines History of Dehumanizing Violence Conducted by U.S. Military

The massacre conducted by a U.S soldier in Afghanistan is yet another example dehumanizing American military behavior.

What is the Future of Journalism?

Declining print revenue, expanding social media use, and the mass availability of information online is quickly proving what everyone expected — that the definition of journalism has changed.

On International Womens Day 2012, Gender Inequality in American Business Still a Problem

There is still a visible disparity in income and workplace presence between the two genders in the U.S.

New Facebook Ads Interface Will Impact Your Social Media Experience

Expect to see more Facebook ads, especially in your newsfeed.

Rick Santorum's Views On Religion Are More Discriminatory Than They Are Open

As Santorum continues to promote views that are incompatible with the social advancements that are gaining steam in the wider U.S. today, he does it in a way that is constitutionally incorrect.

Mitt Romney Won't Endorse Infantry Combat Roles for Women in the Military

The GOP candidates have yet to come out in favor of women serving in infantry positions in the military.


Will Al-Qaeda Thrive in the Syrian Civil War?

As the Syrian conflict approaches one year, and the opposition increases its militarization, the only way that Assad can keep Syria from falling deeper into chaos is to commit to democracy.