Dario DiBattista
Dario DiBattista
Sept. 26, 2013

You Should Be Drinking Bourbon, and Here's Why

As a member of the most open-minded and curious generation ever, it's time you give bourbon a try.

Sept. 4, 2013

While College Students Talk Frat Parties, Some Veterans Are Just Struggling to Adjust

More veterans are returning to school than ever. But are colleges doing enough to welcome back these warriors?
May 2, 2013

Why the Mission Might Never Be "Accomplished" in Iraq

Ten years ago, President Bush gave his infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech. "Cool," I thought, as a Marine in the combat theater. "Let’s go home." But we didn't. And we really haven't.
Jan. 4, 2013

Sandy Hook Shows Our Service Men and Women Deserve Better Mental Health Care

Behind recent shootings were gunmen who could've benefited from better mental care. There are a lot of at-risk groups who need better mental health care, especially service members and vets.
Nov. 6, 2012

How to Reach Across the Political Aisle: Impose Term Limits in Congress

What a novel concept it’d be if a politician were to not care about what his party thought, or whether he could keep his power, so he could reach across the aisle and create real compromise?
Oct. 11, 2012

Who Won the Debate Tonight: Joe Biden, But the VP Debate 2012 Was No Landslide

Do vice presidential debates really matter? Damn right they do in such a tight race. Follow the Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden debate as it went down live here.

Aug. 27, 2012

Perry Hall High School Baltimore Shooting LIVE: Former Students React to Shooting

A high school student was shot in Baltimore County on the first day of school.
June 11, 2012

What Soldiers Understand That Romney and Obama Will Never Get

Neither of the main candidates in 2012 has military experience. America might not still be at war if we had a veteran as commander-in-chief.
March 29, 2012

Gary Stein Facebook Page Proves the First Amendment is a Dangerous Military Weapon

Marine Corps Sergeant Gary Stein's Facebook page that features his anti-Obama comments is dangerous for liberty.
March 21, 2012

Lynndie England: The Worst American Alive Today

We must not forget how Lynndie England changed American history in a horrible way.
March 19, 2012

Staff Sergeant Robert Bales and the Breaking Point in the Afghanistan War

How does the story of the soldier who killed innocent civilians relate to the larger story of the War in Afghanistan and where we're at now? A Marine veteran gives his take.

Jan. 11, 2012

The Military’s Top Leadership Doesn’t Want Women in Combat

First it was the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Now, will the military continue to emulate the equal rights of the society it protects by finally allowing women to serve in direct combat roles?
Nov. 11, 2011

Are The Costs, Years and Sacrifice Worth It In Afghanistan?

On his eighth Veterans Day as a vet, one Marine reflects on whether the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were worth it.
Aug. 26, 2011

Military Reservists Deserve Fair Education Compensation

Reservists are being treated like second-class warriors in regards to education benefits, and one combat veteran explains why.