Sabith Khan
Sabith Khan

Syria is Not Iraq - Bosnia and Kosovo Offer the Real Lessons

U.S. intervention in Syria may be the only chance to end this conflict.


The Simple Reason Why Egyptians Love the Muslim Brotherhood

Religion is not a very useful lens to understand Egyptian politics. Instead, we should look at economic forces.

5 Myths About Sharia Law

There are more myths about Sharia in the U.S than factual information. It is about time people sought out more credible sources to educate themselves.

Bank On Students Loan Fairness Act: Will Student Debt Crush the GOP's Chances With Young Voters?

The student loan crisis will affect not only the millennial generation, but also the credibility of the GOP.

Will the Millennials End Partisan Gridlock? Don't Get Your Hopes Up

While the millennials are not satisfied with either, they will veer towards a more liberal political landscape in the future, perhaps going with Democrats or Independents.

Is Islam Violent? What the Numbers Show

Islam is not inherently violent, no matter what pundits say. Those claiming otherwise have their own agendas.

Boston Marathon Bombing Islamophobia: Media to Blame For America's Ignorance On Islam

Media coverage of Islam is often biased and unbalanced. There's a lot of blatant instances of Islamophobia and it has to stop.

Immigration Reform 2013: Is the Gang Of 8 Bill Revolutionary?

The Gang of 8 immigration bill has the potential to lay to rest one of the most divisive political issues of our country.

5 Game-Changing Innovations in Education

Technology coupled with innovative thinking are transforming education. Here are five of the biggest game-changers.

Justice Sonia Sotomayor: 3 Ways She Can Help Minorities From the Bench

Leaders like Sotomayor can not only set an example for minority youth and inspire them, but also work to build a bulwark against some of the structural racial injustices in our system.

5 Reasons the U.S. Should Intervene in Syria

As the Syrian civil war rages, the U.S. continues to do nothing. America is missing an opportunity to stop a slaughter and improve its standing in the world.

5 Ways the Bible and Koran Aren't So Different

While these religions clash at times, the similarities between the two outweigh the differences.

John Kerry Secretary of State: 5 Issues He Should Focus On

Stepping into a very successful secretary of state's shoes can be a challenge. But if John Kerry focuses on these five issues he would be on his way to be as successful as Hillary Clinton.

5 "News" Organizations That Epically Fail At Their Job

Media bias pervades all outlets, but there are some that are just out of whack, passing off opinion as fact and propaganda as ideological balance.

Is Online Education the Way Of the Future? Some Sci Fi Writers Think So

Online education is a game changer, but may not replace a traditional university model, despite the claims of science fiction writers like Isaac Asimov.

Al Jazeera News Expands in U.S., Could Become the Answer to America's PR Problem

The U.S. should welcome Al Jazeera's purchase of Current TV and expansion here. Helping it grow will eventually help the U.S government win more hearts and minds in the Middle East.


Israel Elections 2013: Far Right Faces Off Against Weakened Opposition Party

Given the fractured opposition and lack of clear agenda, the far-right coalition in Israel will win the upcoming legislative elections on January 22.

John Brennan, the Architect of Drone Strikes and Torture, is What Obama Needs to End the War On Terror

Brennan has been central to America's questionable strategies in the War on Terror. But this helps him more than it hurts if, especially in leading Obama's national security team.

NDAA: What We’re Giving Up For This Defense Bill

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law right before the new year — but what will be giving up in the name of national security in 2013?

NDAA: The Civil Liberties We're Giving Up For This Controversial Defense Bill

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on December 31, 2012 ushering in the New Year with a controversial law, which may impeded civil liberties in its current form.