Tracey Wallace
Tracey Wallace

First Great Super Bowl Ad of the Year Proves What We All Know About Brits

Tom Hiddleston, plus Ben Kingsley, plus Mark Strong, equal sheer power.


5 Ridiculous Celebrity Endorsements That Went Way Wrong

Scar Jo, you're not alone.

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Looks like Pharrell got the last laugh.

Israel Declares Revenge Porn Illegal, While America Still Drags Its Feet

Is it time for a bolder approach?

Shocking Editorial Features White Editor Sitting in 'Black Woman Chair'

While we remembered Dr. King, a white editor sat in a chair shaped like a bound, half-naked black woman.

Watch This Woman Get a Complete Photoshop Makeover in 3-Minutes Flat

Hungarian artist Boggie's mesmerizing music video shows how digitally-enhanced images look nothing like real people.

Kentucky Lawmaker Wants To Ban Abortion Because It's "Domestic Violence"

Kentucky legislators are coming up with new and weird ways to try to push their anti-choice agenda.

Read the Shocking Rejection Letter Disney Sent to a Woman in 1938

No "creative work" for you, ladies.

The Complete History of South Sudan in 24 Photos

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What Pussy Riot Actually Sounds Like

They're one of the most famous bands in the world, and nobody knows their music.

Everything You Need to Know About Pussy Riot, In One Timeline

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The 3 Black Female Comedians in the Running For the 'SNL' Cast Spot

'Saturday Night Live' held auditions for black, female comediennes, and they've narrowed it down to these three.

Listen to Angel Haze's Brilliant New Song "A Tribe Called Red"

And some more great news, her album finally has a (real) release date.

Watch This 22-Year-Old's Beautiful Spoken Word Poem. The Truest Tribute to Nelson Mandela.

"Because I can't claim to have faith, if I only believe when it's safe."

Amy Poehler's Holiday Ambush is the Viral Video Of the Day

"It's Jesus' birthday! It's Jesus' birthday!"