Christopher Round
Christopher Round

Rand Paul Shouldn't Fight Obama's So-Called "War On Coal"

Libertarians should be for reducing pollution and protecting our environment. So why do they continue to oppose environmental regulation? They shouldn't.


Fossil Fuel Divestment is For Every College That Cares About Its Students' Future

If the purpose of higher educational institutions is to serve society by helping to build a better future, they need to ensure there is a future for society through fossil fuel divestment.

One Thing Everyone's Missing About GMO Foods

While widespread use of genetically modified foods would be dangerous, almost everyone is forgetting about the potential benefits of modified crops.

Winners of the Nobel Prize For Chemistry Don't Get the Attention They Deserve

Michael Lebitt, Martin Karplus, and Arieh Warshel receive the Nobel Prize for Chemistry for their work in modeling molecules with computer programs. Their work revolutionized molecular biology.

An Utter Shutstorm For Science

The government shutdown has hamstrung American science. The budget battle in the house is having serious consequences for the scientific community. The result has been a shutstorm.

An Open Letter to Congress From a Misguided Millennial

Government can work, and often with an inordinate amount of paperwork does. It is time as a country we admit this, and carry on. Shutting down our government hurts far more than it helps.


IPCC Global Warming Facts: UN Arrives at a Chilling Conclusion

The International Panel on Climate Change officially confirms that climate change is real and caused by humans. It is time for policymakers to pull their head outs of the ground and engage.

Meet the Industry-Funded Scientists Who Are Lying to You About Global Warming

The Heartland Institute for years has been producing contrarian sound bites in exchange for money. They aren't a think tank, they are hacks for hire.

Believe in Science? These School Vouchers Are Being Used in a Way That Will Make You Furious

Recent attempts to expand school voucher programs are becoming a serious threat to scientific literacy in our country. The fight over evolution in the classroom highlights the culture war.

The Complex Political Problems Of One Of America's Biggest Issues: Wild Fires

Combating wild fires has become an issue of national prominence in the past couple years. An inside look at the politics of this sweltering issue.

Most People Missed the Point Of Steven Pinker's New Republic Essay

Pinker's recent essay may have agitated just about everyone, but it deserves more then a gut response.

Your Heart is in the Right Place, But Boycotting the Olympics Won't Work

Boycotting the Olympics won't do anything to further your cause. It just hurts the athletes who have dedicated their entire lives at a chance for glory.

The GOP Backlash to Climate-Change Deniers Begins Now

The heads of the EPA under Reagan, Nixon, and both Bush administrations call for action on climate change, and they're not alone.

Before You Troll This Climate Change Article

Take a second to read a few things you should know about how science actually works.

Earth's New Temperatures Make Everything Harder For Conservationists and Farmers

The world will have to rethink conservation and agriculture for this century. Here's why.

The Curious Case Of Michael Mann and the Most Controversial Chart in Science

The man behind the controversial hockey stick graph has become a walking manufactured controversy, unfortunately demonstrating the most frustrating problems for action on climate change.