Mrinalini Shinde
Mrinalini Shinde

The Old Spice Mantastic Man's Dirty Trick

Like the company's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign, these Indian ads aren't what they appear to be.

That 'New York Times' Story About "Good" Indian Men is Pretty Xenophobic

Of course some men in India are "good." So what?

Why India's 'Gender Park' is a Terrible Idea

Women roam free! Not really.

I Used to Care About the Nobel Peace Prize

Until I realized this.

Why a 20-Something Woman Still Cares About Sexist Children's Toys

The childhood winner of the Barbie dress-designing contest on why she turned her back on the doll and all it represents.

Here's How Urban Planners Can Make Cities Safer For Women

Urban planning officials in Vienna show how gender mainstreaming can make a city safe and convenient for women. It's time other cities followed suit.


Get Off My Hymen

From a city in Indonesia that wants girls to pass a virginity test to U.S. "Purity balls," what in the world is happening?

This Mining Company's PR Campaign is As Shady As You'd Expect

This is what "corporate responsibility" looks like?

This is the Biggest Labor Rights Issue Of Our Time

Around 2.5 million home care workers are being denied basic protection thanks to an arbitrary exemption in federal labor law.

These Anonymous Facebook Messages From Pakistan Will Fill You With Hope

"You're not a mistake of nature, you have the same rights as others and no one has the right to judge you."

Wisconsin Leads the Way On Fighting Prison Rape

Wisconsin's Department of Corrections will become the first state to post statistics on the internet in a bid to raise awareness and prevent sexual assault in prisons. It's a bold, laudable move.


Starting a Human Rights Association in This Country? Prepare to Face Jail Time

Human rights activists in Saudi Arabia with their own organizations, speaking out in the media and questioning the judiciary, are being imprisoned by the government, most without trial.

Iran Cracks Down On Champion Swimmer Simply for Being a Woman – Watch How She’s Fighting Back

She broke the record for open water swimming in the Caspian Sea, but Iran says her costume did not meet the standards of Sharia law. She's on a mission to get the recognition she deserves.

Vigilante Justice and Gender-Based Violence: The Gulabi Gang

The success of the Gulabi Gang's vigilante justice should highlight both the victimization of Indian women, and the failure of the country's law enforcement.

Armpits4August is No-Shave November For Feminists

Armpits4August is a global charity event in which participants grow armpit hair for charity, while encouraging discussion on beauty archetypes, body image issues, and questioning what is natural.