Jaclyn Munson
Jaclyn Munson

The Global Gender Gap Index Is Out, And America's Rank Is Even Worse Than We Thought

If the U.S. wants to be a world leader, this will simply not cut it.


Why Everyone Should Care About the Greedy Hypocrisy of the Hobby Lobby Agenda

It's not just about birth control rights anymore.

The Most Anti-Abortion and Pro-Death Penalty States Have Something Baffling in Common

See anything hypocritical about this picture?

Sorry, Cate Blanchett’s Oscar Speech Wasn't a Feminist Triumph

The Oscar winner railed against sexism, but thanked Woody Allen. That's not feminism.

Why Stephen King Thinks "The Shining" Has One Of the Most Sexist Characters Ever

Wendy Torrance was portrayed as weak and helpless, but she was really a hero.


Bill de Blasio is Racist, According to the Guy Behind Stop and Frisk

Race relations are really not Bloomberg's thing.

Immigration Reform 2013: This Story is Proof it Can't Wait Much Longer

One mixed status family describes their life in America.

What Anti-Choice Legislators Don't Want You To Know About Abortion

An investigative report published by RH Reality Check, released today, tells you what the anti-choice movement hopes you won't find out.

Watch These Women Tackle Immigration Reform Like You’ve Never Seen It Done Before

The Off/Page Project is giving a voice to the voiceless.

U.S. Conservatives Are Insane to "Admire" What is Happening in Russia

It's a shame that American social conservatives agree with the Russian anti-gay law.

Fox Reporter Instructs Fans How to "Get Away With" Asking Female Athletes About Their Sex Lives

Fox Sports reporter Jack Kuhlenschmidt thinks fans should be able to ask female athletes about their sex lives.

An Open Letter to Robin Thicke From a Longtime Fan Who Wants Nothing to Do With Him Anymore

Robin Thicke thinks 'Blurred Lines' is "a feminist movement in itself." I think he's wrong.

Why Do So Many Politicians Try to "Mansplain" Women's Issues?

Watch this couple's amazing PSA mock the prolific Todd Akin-esque rhetoric of late that has been the foundation of a growing movement against reproductive rights.

Who's Lining Their Pockets in Washington This Week?

In Washington, it's all about the Benjamins. This week we look at two members of Congress who are on the payroll of the for-profit college industry.

The Feminist Takedown of the Economics of Slut-Shaming

Women are often judged for their decisions about sex and health care while men evade such backlash. This is a man's world, but it doesn't have to be.

I Went to a Crisis Pregnancy Center and What I Saw Will Shock You

For nearly 30 years, EMC FrontLine has claimed to defend life- but an inside look into the crisis pregnancy center reveals a more sinister operation.