Michelle Juergen
Michelle Juergen
June 30, 2014

16 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About the English Language

But first, let me look up 'selfie.'

May 1, 2014

Turning Feminism Into Marketing Has a Serious Downside

"Real beauty" is not a trend.
April 25, 2014

9 Harmful Stereotypes We Never Realized Our Favorite Disney Movies Taught Us

Beneath the smiles, flowers and singing woodland creatures lies a host of offensive misconceptions that shaped our generation.
March 18, 2014
March 4, 2014

7 Ridiculous Lady Products That Body-Shame Women

Because women can never have too many things to feel bad about, right?
Feb. 21, 2014

The 9 Most Totally Out-of-Control Moments on the Miley Cyrus 'Bangerz' Tour

A giant hot dog, the Liberty Bell and Bill Clinton are involved.

Feb. 20, 2014

9 Reasons St. Vincent Is an Indie Feminist Hero

She sings, shreds and smashes stereotypes all at once.
Feb. 14, 2014

9 Famous BFFs That Prove All You Need In Life Is Your Best Friend

Ovaries before broveries.
Feb. 11, 2014

13 Sexist Valentine's Ads That Prove How Out of Touch These Companies Are

With each Feb. 14 comes a new batch of cringe-worthy advertising. We're #NotBuyingIt.
Jan. 31, 2014

Cameron Diaz Awesomely Calls Out Media's Sexist Double Standard for Single Women

"It's terrifying for a woman to get out of a relationship, because it's always going to be her fault."
Jan. 15, 2014

Why Critics Can't Handle the Female Anti-Hero

A toast to unlikable women.

Jan. 10, 2014

8 Magazine Covers Show a Very Different Side of Beauty

Sometimes, the fashion industry actually understands that beauty is not just reserved for "white" women. 'Elle' should take a hint.
Jan. 2, 2014

'Her' is a Futuristic Tale With 21st Century Sexism

A Manic Pixie Dream Girl for the digital age.
Dec. 23, 2013

13 Times Celebrities Changed the World in 2013

Sometimes, even celebrities make us proud.
Dec. 23, 2013

The Most Surprisingly Feminist Female Characters Of 2013

The women of 'Anchorman 2' won't back to their homes on Whore Island. Don't act like you're not impressed.
Dec. 13, 2013

Pantene's Viral Commercial Isn't Empowering Anyone

No, you don't need shiny hair to be successful.

Dec. 5, 2013

5 Ways Female Filmmakers Will Revolutionize Hollywood

When female filmmakers break into the Hollywood elite, everyone wins.
Nov. 29, 2013

Girl Power is Saving Millennial Music

Female artists are exploding in popularity because they demonstrate one of the qualities that matters most to our generation: authenticity.
Nov. 20, 2013

Celebrity Feminists Are Hurting Feminism

Female celebrities who contribute to the hypersexualization of American culture aren't doing feminists any favors by throwing around the F-word.
Nov. 14, 2013

10 Life-Changing Books Every 20-Something Feminist Needs to Read

From religion and virginity to gender and pornography, the issues explored in these works raise essential questions for the millennial feminist.