Jenny Block
Jenny Block

Sexy Halloween Costumes Have Gone Too Far and Too Young

When sexy Halloween costumes sexualize children or perpetuate racist stereotypes, they cross the line.

National Coming Out Day: Why Coming Out Still Matters

From making it harder for stereotypes to thrive, to supporting both today's community and future generations, coming out now is as important as ever.

The Controversial Way To Fight Child Obesity That Parents Hate

Schools have found a new to deal with their classes, but have they gone too far?

Dear Men: Your Balls Are Not That Big

Men take up too much space in public spaces, and it's not because their balls are that big.

This Woman Thinks Your Teenage Daughter is a Slut

Kim Hall thinks the world has to protect her sons from seeing young women as sex objects. Lets Alleged Pedophile Bully Them Into Taking Down Story Of His Crimes

A young woman wrote about the stepfather who sexually, emotionally, and physically abused her. He got to take down the ebook for no reason other than that he denies the abuse.

Did Robin Thicke Steal "Blurred Lines" From Marvin Gaye?

The songs are a little too similar and now Thicke is suing Gaye's family. How can that be?

The Identity of This Sexy Bra Model Will Surprise You

Sometimes a simple ad for bras can make a not-so-simple statement.

Smoking Is Not a Right

You don't have a right to impinge on my right to clean air.

The 7 Habits of Highly Healthy People

There's more to staying healthy than "eat less, exercise more." Here are 7 tips that will have you feeling healthier in no time.

Stop Banning "Offensive" Words — We're Starting to Run Out!

If we keep banning words, will we have enough left to allow for meaningful discourse?

More Than Half Of Americans Have Cheated, So Why Aren't We Talking About Open Marriages?

The Boston Globe's Cathy Young thinks open marriage will be the demise of marriage and those in them belong in the closet ... or worse. But Americans are already happily destroying marriage.