Jeff Raines
Jeff Raines
Oct. 8, 2013

What is McCutcheon v. FEC? This Supreme Court Case Could Give Rich People All the Power

Cases like McCutcheon v. FEC aren't about free speech. They're about how much influence the wealthiest Americans should have over our elected officials.

April 9, 2013

5 Reasons We Should Eliminate the SAT

The SAT is a terrible, overstressed measurement for college admission and it is totally ineffective in actually analyzing the students themselves.
March 19, 2013

What Was Pope Francis' Role in Argentina's Secret War?

From 1976-1983, the military junta that controlled Argentina abducted and killed as many as 30,000 political dissidents. Did Jorge Mario Bergoglio do enough to prevent this?
Oct. 10, 2012

Affirmative Action Supreme Court Case: How SCOTUS May Rule on Fisher vs University of Texas

Wednesday sees oral arguments for Fisher v. University of Texas, an affirmative action case that could completely change college admissions.
July 29, 2012

Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks Investigated for Rupert Murdoch News of the World Scandal

David Cameron's former spin-doctor Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of News International, among eight others, were charged with phone-hacking crimes against hundreds.
June 4, 2012

MTV Movie Awards and MTV 2012 Fantasy Elections: The Next Viral Sensation?

Movie Awards with 'Dark Night Rises' footage and an Elections 2012 fantasy game, this summer MTV goes beyond entertainment to also encourage voter participation among millennials. Will it work?

April 26, 2012

Mitt Romney's Dog and Horse Problem

The Romney family’s animals are not only taking the spotlight, they deserve it.
April 10, 2012

So Bizarre: Rick Santorum Claims California Universities Don't Teach American History

Santorum likes talking about education's problems, unfortunately all of his talking points about it end up being wrong.
April 5, 2012

Romney Super PAC Gains Contributions From For-Profit Colleges

For-profit colleges have donated more than $430,000 to Romney’s election campaign and his super PAC, showing their increasing effort to buy influence in politics.
March 28, 2012

Herman Cain Rabbit Video is Attention-Seeking and Appalling

The former presidential hopeful has produced a shocking new "Sick of Stimulus" series including a sadistic little girl and animal abuse.
Feb. 16, 2012

A Young Newt Gingrich Would Have Joined Occupy Wall Street

Who knew that Gingrich used to support the same ideals as OWS?

Feb. 10, 2012

MTV and Facebook Partner to Put College Affordability at the Tips of Students' Fingers

Through a new Facebook app, MTV hopes to reach out to students who did not think college was even a possibility.
Feb. 8, 2012

Why Comparisons of Barack Obama to Past Presidents Should Be Used Sparingly

Presidential comparisons can tell a lot about what the public, the press, and other politicians think of the current president, but they should be used wisely and sparingly.
Jan. 18, 2012

Pros & Cons of Comparing Barack Obama to George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and FDR

President Obama has been held in the shadow of the accomplishments of Washington, Lincoln, and the Roosevelts, and compared to Buchanan, Hoover, and Andrew Johnson’s failures.
Dec. 4, 2011

The Legacy of Political Families

Political families are not a new concept to the U.S., existing because of namesake alone, they have given us the mindset of being natural politicians, as successors to their ancestral elites.
Oct. 24, 2011

Border Agency Corruption and the Need for Reform

Too many U.S. Customs & Border Protection employees have been arrested for corruption-related charges to ignore. Agency policies need to be reformed to reduce the number of future arrests.

Oct. 3, 2011

Don't Ask Don't Tell Repeal: Obama Is Right, Don't Stop There

Same-sex military couples and families should be afforded the same rights as heterosexual families as a next step towards more equality.
Sept. 13, 2011

Perry the Cowboy Versus Obama the Diplomat

A comparison between Obama's calm and calculated style and Rick Perry's aggressive and undiplomatic approach to politics.
Aug. 22, 2011

Twitter Trends Should Face the Threat of Censorship

When trending Tweets are overly violent and offensive, it is Twitter's duty to monitor the community and censor them.
Aug. 18, 2011

Pawlenty's Dropout Shows Why Iowa Poll is Meaningless

Pawlenty's last mistake on the campaign trail is that he put too much faith in the popularity contest that is the Iowa Ames Straw Poll.