Silvia Cruz
Silvia Cruz

Scott Brown On Fox News: TV Stint Will Help the Former Senator

Scott Brown's decision to join Fox News as a contributor is politically risky if he has future political aspirations, but it also sets him up for the national stage in the future.

5 Ways to Avoid Being An Annoying Facebook User

Polls suggests more people are taking a break from Facebook because it's time-consuming and causing unnecessary problems. Here's how to avoid giving your friends Facebook fatigue.

Chris Christie Will Run For President in 2016

Chris Christie's actions over the past year suggest he is already priming the pump for a presidential bid in 2016.

5 Most Likely Reasons Obama Was Chosen as TIME Person of the Year

TIME really scraped the barrel to come up with reasons for selecting Obama as Person of the Year. I've decided to help them out.

Early Exit Polling Results: Electorate is More Republican than Democrat

Early exit polls show indicate the top issue for 60% of the voters is the economy, and only one quarter of those surveyed think they are better of than they were four years ago.

Obama vs Romney: President Obama Will Crush Mitt Romney, According to Intrade Market

Although the polls show both candidates locked in a dead heat, Intrade's market predicts Obama has a clear shot of winning the presidential election.


Gary Johnson Win the Third Party Presidential Debate, Policies of Virgil Goode the Least Popular

For anyone who watched it, Gary Johnson won the third party presidential debate although this will have little bearing on the election.

Who Won the Third Party Debate: Gary Johnson but Virgil Goode, Rocky Anderson, and Jill Stein Got the Crowd Going

Tonight at 8 pm, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Rocky Anderson and Virgil Goode face off. Follow along live for the latest and greatest at the third party presidential debate.

Where to Watch the Third Party Debate: LIVE Tune In As Gary Johnson, Jill Stein Face Off

After Monday's final official debate, tonight's third party presidential candidate debate between Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode, and Rocky Anderson will be open and honest.

Ron Paul Supporters Systematically Sidelined at RNC Convention 2012

The GOP has alienated important branches of the party and runs the risk of losing these votes in November. Romney had the opportunity to unite the party but failed to so.

Chris Christie VP Chances Over, Will Serve As GOP Tampa Convention Speaker

The GOP made the right call. Chris Christie is a good choice for keynote speaker at the RNC convention.

Minority Baby Boom: The End of the Race Issue in America

For the first time in U.S. history, non-white births accounted for the majority of all births in 2011. Will this be a problem for America going forward?

Mother's Day 2012: In Defense of the TIME Breastfeeding Cover

America's reaction to the TIME magazine's latest cover is overblown and immature.

President Obama is Lying About His Support of Same-Sex Marriage

Do you want a president who will stand by his convictions regardless of the political risk? Or one who will admit to certain beliefs only after it seems politically expedient?

Obama's 'Life of Julia' Campaign is the 'Joe the Plumber' of 2012

Obama's new campaign "Life of Julia" is wrong in so many ways.

May Day 2012: Follow Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, and Say 'No' to Public Sector Unions

May Day celebrates a time when unions were necessary, but are they today?


As Karl Rove and Dick Cheney Offer VP Advice, Should We Even Care About the Vice Presidency?

Amidst all the advice being offered to Romney regarding who he should select as VP, maybe we should be asking ourselves why we even care.

Marco Rubio vs. Chris Christie: Who Will Romney Select As VP?

Who would win in a match-up between Rubio and Christie?

How Team Obama and the RNC Should Court Latinos to Win the Hispanic Vote

Latinos are an important voting bloc in this and upcoming elections but politicians currently approach this group through the wrong mindset.

Secret Service Sex Scandal Shows America’s Indifference Towards Latin America

The outcome of the Summit of the Americas reveals U.S. influence in Latin America is waning.