Ivan Glinski
Ivan Glinski

The Critics Say Bitcoin is Doomed — Here's What They're Missing

Even if bitcoin doesn't stick around forever, it's still set to change the way we use money.


VA Elections 2013: Vote Sarvis — Do You Really Like Your Other Options?

Voting for a libertarian is not throwing your vote away.

Facebook's News Feed Should Include Posts About Nudity, Swearing, and Drugs

Facebook's graphic content policy is supposed to prevent the promotion of unsavory practices popping up in your news feed, but all it does is undermine the goal of the platform.

Michigan's Medical Marihuana Act Doesn't Stand a Chance, Thanks to SCOTUS

Thanks to a Supreme Court precedent, Michigan's Medical Marihuana Act will probably be struck down.

What the Silk Road Shut Down Means For the Future Of Free-Market Capitalism

Despite it's flaws and ultimately being shut down, Silk Road will be remembered for blazing the way for a new era in capitalism.

Could We Be Our Own Worst Enemy? Dave Eggers Wants to Know

There will never be true privacy on the internet, but the best solution is for us to take the same precautions on the web as we would in real life.


Marijuana Legalization: If You Live in Louisiana and Love Pot, It Sucks to Be You

Cross the border from Louisiana to Mississippi, and 20 years in jail could become five days. Why do different states have such different drug laws?

Syria Vote: What Happened At the Senate Hearing On Syria

A run down of the important aspects of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria.

Court Rules Obama Can Keep His White House Visitors List a Secret

The list of visitors to the White House is kept hidden as questions of transparency and accountability arise.

Syria Intervention: Candidate Obama Wouldn't Have Skipped Congress, But President Obama Will

Does the president have the constitutional authority to launch a strike on Syria without consulting Congress?

The NSA is So Powerful, They Spy On You Without Meaning To

Surveillance has been going on in the U.S. for a long time. So why should we be more concerned than ever?


You'd Have to Be High Not to See the U.S. Has Lost the War On Drugs

Although Eric Holder's speech on reducing minimum sentences for drug possession is important, several other policies contradict this increasingly popular stance.

Archbishop Of Canterbury Tells Rich Christians to Stop Whining

The former archbishop of Canterbury's comments that Western Christians who believe they're persecuted should "grow up" ties into a shift away from religious institutions among young people.

Unpaid Interns Left Unprotected from Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment laws don't extend to unpaid interns because they are not "employees." When will this unfairness be fixed?