Vicky Wong
Vicky Wong

A Firsthand Look At the Amy Winehouse Exhibition at the Jewish Museum in London

A year after her death, the Jewish Museum in London has decided to host an exhibition on the life of Amy Winehouse, painting a vivid portrait of a young girl from a humble Jewish home.


Kate Middleton Baby Bump: How the Media Will Cover the Royal Birth

The press will flock to London a la the beginning of the Lion King with Elton John performing Circle of Life.

Do the British Really Want Jane Austen On Their Money?

Is the classic novelist a worthy candidate to appear on the British bank note?

YouTube 'I Hit It First' Ray J: The Best Revenge Songs Of All Time

Revenge songs are uplifting and empowering tunes that you play after a break-up to cheer up and feel good again. Here are some excellent ones.

Where is the 'Friends' Cast Now?

It has been nine years since the cast of "Friends" made their final curtain call in that cozy apartment in New York and went for that last coffee at Central Perk. But where are they now?

Amanda Knox Memoir: Retrial Won't Delay Book Release

Will Knox's long-awaited memoir, which will be released April 30, contain revelations that affect the retrial?

Justin Bieber Meltdown: Beliebers Will Keep Bieber a Major Star

Bieber is going through a rough patch, but his dedicated fans will keep him on top of the charts and a big star. He needs his tireless followers now more than ever, so he better appreciate them.

The Office TV Show: Why Do Brits and Americans Laugh At the Same Jokes?

The bottom line is that the internet has made comedies of all kinds more accessible for people regardless of where they are around the world.

Emeli Sandé: Can the UK's Favorite Pop Star Make It In America?

Jay-Z recently gushed about singer Emeli Sandé, who is often described as the "Scottish Adele." Can she break into the U.S. music scene and thrive in our country?

Should You De-Friend Your Ex On Facebook?

Facebook might be keeping you from fully forgetting about your former flame.

Gay Marriage England: Cameron Goes Against His Own Party With Landmark Legislation

The UK gay marriage bill is a victory for equality but exposes political rivalries that could reshape its politics.

Life Of Pi Oscar Nomination: This is An Oscar Nominee You Must See

A compelling story, breathtaking visuals, an engaging protagonist, and a talented director are just some of the reasons why Life of Pi is a worthy Oscar nominee.

BAFTA Nominees 2013: Skyfall and The Hobbit Make the British Nominations Cut

'Lincoln' was unsurprisingly the biggest nominee, but BAFTA was a little kinder to a wider range of movies than the Oscars were. 'Skyfall' and 'The Hobbit' also made the list for the Brits.

BAFTA Nominees 2013: 7 Predictions For the British Oscars

BAFTA nominees will be announced Wednesday morning and this year could be a mixed-bag for the coveted British prize. 'Anna Karenina,' and 'The Dark Knight Rises,' may top the list.

Kate Middleton Morning Sickness: Hospital Phone Prank By Australian DJs An Invasion of Privacy

Two DJs pretending to be the queen and Prince Charles have caused a stir for showing no respect for the privacy of an expectant mother.

Man of Steel: Superman Leaves Old Journalism for Drudge Report Style New Media

In the recent instalment of Superman comics, the Man of Steel's alter ego Clark Kent quits his job at the Daily Planet in a move that encapsulates modern journalist in the internet age.

Adele Let the Sky Fall: New James Bond Skyfall Theme Song is a Return to Classic Bond

Being the voice behind the new James Bond theme is a daunting task. But a leaked segment of the new song featuring Adele promises a return to the golden age of Bond with a romantic twist.

David Cameron Letterman Interview: Why the Interview is a Big Deal for Brits

David Cameron became the first serving prime minister to appear on U.S. late night TV, but politicians appearing on TV chat shows is still something Brits are skeptical about.

Obama vs Romney Celebrity Endorsements: Why Stars Continue to Shine in Election 2012

Celebrity cheerleaders for American presidential candidates generally provoke mixed reactions. But these cheerleaders bring with them potential voters, lots of money, and get people talking.

Kate Middleton Topless Photos Put Royal Family in a Lose Lose Situation

Topless photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge show the unfortunate catch-22 situation of the Royal family's relationship with the media: the media always wins.