Lindsay Boyle
Lindsay Boyle

You'll Never Guess Which State is 'Most-Improved' on LGBT Rights

Delaware may seem like it was a shoo-in for same-sex marriage, but it actually experienced many ups and downs on the road to legalization.

What We Can Learn From the Most Awkward Meeting in Recent History

A meeting between leaders of the NAACP and KKK branches in August was one of the most awkward in recent history, but it also yielded some important lessons.

Walmart is Now More Progressive Than 32 U.S. States, But That's Not Saying Much

The world's largest retailer is now offering health benefits to employees with same-sex partners. But there's a catch.

Each Dot On This Map Shows Something Very Wrong With America

This interactive demographics map based on 2010 Census data may not be shocking at first glance. Look closer.

LGBT College Life: The Good, The Bad and The Most Improved

Headlines from the past year show that the LGBT scene still varies widely from university to university. Here are some of the best and worst LGBT news bites from colleges throughout the U.S.

Bahrain is Looking Less Like Egypt, and More Like Rwanda

Last week, protests in Bahrain were supposed to be a ray of democratic light in the Middle East. Instead, a brutal government crackdown darkened the nation with scenes of pre-genocide Rwanda.