Annie Ferrer
Annie Ferrer

Who Is Gossip Girl: What We Learned on the Show's Series Finale

Monday night, the 'Gossip Girl' crew tied up loose ends before closing the curtain for good. No longer will we have its plot lines embedded with scandal, steamy romance and high fashion.

Happy Endings TV Show: Season 3 Premiere Upstaged by Heavy, Pre Show Publicity

Expectations ran high for Tuesday night's premiere of ABC's hit comedy, but following more than six months of press and social media buzz, we were thrown little to no curveballs.

Happy Endings Season Premiere: New Episodes Promise More Quirkiness and Laughs

While its inaugural season received much skepticism, with reviews squashing it as a Friends-wannabe, this ABC show redeemed itself last spring. Tonight we welcome the cast back for a third run.

The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere: A Hyped Up Start that Falls Short of Expectations

The prospect of a premiere equally exciting to its spring finale had us riled up, but it'll take more than Kristin Chenoweth and Nathan Lane to redeem this show from its tired start.

The Good Wife Season 4 Premiere: Kristin Chenoweth and Nathan Lane Join the Steamy Scandal

"The Good Wife," starring Julianna Marguilies, returns to CBS tonight. What to expect in this award-winning show's fourth season, which welcomes a slew of talented actors and plot-turning events

Up All Night Season 2 Premiere Review: Maya Rudolph Shines Despite Disappointing Episode

This NBC sitcom soared last spring, promising a second season of laughs surrounding parenting, marriage, and friends. Without its castmate Maya Rudolph, however, it may fall flat of expectations.


10 Life Lessons Learned From Mom and Dad

Disagreeing with mom and dad is as easy as breathing; they're biased, protective, and outdated - well, not all the time.

Post-College Friendship: Figuring Out Which Pals Will Stick Around

We graduate from college, enter the real world, and suddenly our existing friendships are challenged without warning. Why does this occur? And, why did nobody warn us?

Mother's Day 2012: The Changing Dynamic of Mother-Daughter Relationships

A recent conversation about modern-day parenting, coupled with Mother's Day this Sunday, led me to wonder how 20-something women imagine themselves as soon-to-be parents.

Is Coachella a More Expensive Woodstock, With Less Pot and More Pills?

Coachella is the only music festival in the world where a 3-D Tupac hologram, Gotye, and Swedish House Mafia appear on the same stage. But is it authentic?

David Guetta Meets Wall Street: Is Electronic Music the Next Dot Com Bubble to Burst?

The popularity of electronic dance music for young people has generated interest amongst big investors, but will their involvement soil this youthful form of entertainment?


NYC vs. D.C.: What's the Better City For 20-Somethings?

Here are the differences between NYC and D.C. from the perspective of a single, 20-something female.

Help! I Moved to a New City: 5 Tips for Settling In and Making New Friends

Moving to a new city, particularly from somewhere you're comfortable, can be discombobulating and surprisingly difficult. Here are a few ways to make the transition easier.