Luke Chitwood
Luke Chitwood

Joe Lhota For Mayor: 5 Things Young New Yorkers Need to Hear

In his quest to be mayor of New York City, Republican Joe Lhota has messages of interest to millennials, but few listeners.

Airbnb NYC Lawsuit Blocks Innovation Unecessarily

Airbnb has had its fair share of legal problems, like the NYC lawsuit, but win or lose, the company is set to make waves in the hotel industry.

Here's How the NRA is So Freakishly Effective in the Gun Control Debate

Representing 4-5 million Americans, the NRA manages to maintain a stranglehold on congressional gun votes. How do they do it?

Twitter IPO News: What Millennials Understand That Others Don't

Twitter faces opportunities for irrelevancy or colossal success following its initial public offering. This event has massive ramifications for Twitter itself and tech in general.

Twitter IPO is One Facebook Would Have "Liked" to Have

Twitter enters the IPO process at a prime time for social media debuts. Led by CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter can avoid the mistakes of other IPOs and set course for long-term profits.

10 Tips That Will Make Your Computer Un-Hackable

Protection tips for home networks, browsers, account passwords, social media, and public Wi-Fi usage.